God Bless America Tray

dianecraftsMay 24, 2009

I finally took time today and finished this piece. It probably took all of 20 minutes and it has been sitting around at least 3 months, maybe more. I'm such a procrastinator. It still needs to be varnished but I like my paint to dry for a few days and I like to take my pictures before my pieces are varnished if at all possible.

I picked up this tray at the Paws Thrift shop (thrift shop run by our local animal shelter) when I lived in FL and have been waiting for the right design to paint on it. I think this one fits just right.

Happy Painting,


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Very Patriotic - I can't say that I have every painted anything patriotic, isn't that weird? Would you mind if I made a suggestion? The painting is wonderful but if you want to make it stand out, pick up a Krylon Gold Leaf pen at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Joann's. You could go along the edge very easily (so much easier than trying to paint) to add that finishing touch. You can do it before or after varnishing. I am attaching a pic so you can see what it looks like. It has a wide nib but cut like a calligrapher's nib. This makes wonderful borders for ornaments, you can see that I use it a lot. If you look at some of the recent pictures, you can see where I used it. I put the nib so the edge of the project is in the center, that way I can get the gold on both sides.

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Diane~ I LOVE IT!! I love Americana and this is right up my alley. =) Who's pattern did you use? It's awesome. Love it on the tray! ~Anj

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Thank you Bebe. Of course I don't mind suggestions, I'm open to any. That is how we learn and I'm all for learning. Funny you should mention that pen. I just got one of those last week at Joann's with my coupon. I have never used one but thought it may be good to edge the wooden ornaments. It is still in the bag :O. Now here is the question...the inside of the try is kind of routered out, meaning the sides are sort of rounded, they don't come down to make 90 degree angles (if that makes any sense) so I painted the midnight blue all the way up the sides; are you talking about using the gold leaf at the top where the blue and the wood meet or at the bottom to separate the bottom from the sides? Thanks for your suggestion and I think it will really make the piece pop.

Happy Painting,


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Thanks Anj, I like painting Americana and primitive/folk art. This was a class project which I was really happy with. We were told that that class does mostly folk art/Americana items before we joined but we really have done a lot of different things this past year. I think we are getting back into more folk art kind of projects, but it is nice to have a variety once in a while. Ooops I got off track as usual. The designer is Lynne Anderews and it is called 'God Bless America' Mantel Board. She is one of my teacher's favorites I think. She has met her at convention in Maryland several times (she is from RI) and we do enjoy painting her designs...she does do a lot of 'wash' technique though...sometimes I don't and sometimes we (as a class) don't. She has a website if you'd like to see what else she has. The "Rejoice" board I posted before is one of her designs also.

Happy Painting,


Here is a link that might be useful: Lynne's Website

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Your tray sure turned out nice. I see what you meant about the "smoke" from the chimneys being more like rays--that is unusual but it looks really nice. I love the tray you found, it's a nice shape.


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Thanks Luvs. I wonder why she does her "smoke" like that but it is like that in several of her designs. I think if there are several houses with smoking chimneys that all the smoke should be blowing the same way, but then again it's her design and I guess we could change it if we wanted to. In the design on the sawblade the clothes on the line were blowing one way and the smoke from the pot was blowing the other...I changed mine to all be going the same way...everyone was laughing at me, but it really bothered me when I looked at it lol. If I do another one of her designs with "rays of smoke" who knows I might change them too. This doesn't bother me to look at, actually I think it's kind of kewl looking but when we were painting it in class we didn't know what to call it...they were say what color do we paint the rays or the smoke or what ever they are...but the directions call it smoke so that's how we finally knew.

Happy Painting,


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Your tray turned out beautiful. I think you chose the right pattern also. It's nice to finish up projects that have been put aside especially when you only have 20 minutes left. haha I see what you mean about the smoke but it gives it a nice touch. I don't paint much primitive but I'm liking it more all the time. Punk

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I thought the smoke kind of symbolized the rays of the lighthouse, but that's just me. ha I thought it was neat too.
Thanks for the link to her site Diane. I'm off to check it out. Don't know that I've ever heard of her before. ~Anj

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Diane...what a beautiful tray! Just love the whole thing and the painting fits so very well with the wood tray. I am really into Patriotic, it is the theme for my living room.


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