Another glass house in the woods

palimpsestJuly 21, 2014

Here is another suburban glass house in the woods. It's in much better condition than the last one I posted, but it is much in the same spirit: built on a hillside with lower level rooms that still have big windows or sliders. Listed through Berkshire Hathaway Fox Roach for $580K.

I think the tile in the bathroom is a remodeling misstep.

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I would LOVE this house during the day, but as beautiful as it is I would get so spooked out at night. I'd be running around closing all the shades!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh Pal, I love everything about it. It is very like a Charles Goodman home. I want to live there! Where is it? I am always looking at everything that comes up in Hollin Hills which is an area developed by Goodman in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County.

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Looks like the kitchen and bath were done in the 80's so I don't hold it against them...these two rooms could use some modernization...they don't really jive with the coolness of the house. Where is this house located?

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Nevermind, Pal. I found it. It is not too far from my uncle's home, but unfortunately it is in Upper Merion rather than Radnor School district. Still, our son is grown, so maybe...I do love it and it would be nice to be back up north!

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Great house! Love almost everything about it - agree that tile would have to go. But the killer for me is that drive up to garage doors instead of an entrance.

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Thanks for posting. I love these houses you have been posting.

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Gulph Mills sorta (?) between King of Prussia Road and I-76.

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I love the outside architecture and the setting of the house and was so looking forward to seeing the inside. I simply don't like the inside of the house. I detest the lighting, the dark (aluminum?) framed windows, the different sizes of beams (some painted, some stained), the basically windowless kitchen (unless there are windows behind the photographer), etc. ~Just don't like it.

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Beautiful home, but having quite a few "normal" windows and full glass doors in our home, I can tell you, it's creeping at night. And as soon as I'm post this.....Never mind. I couldn't even finish writing that sentence. I had to get up and close the WTs. Though we have solar shade screens and I had the bamboo blinds closed, I still felt like I was being watched while writing. I'm still creeped out. It's just me and the kitties at home, which makes it worse.

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I think the weird ceiling-change things are going on in the lower level. It's ductwork and things, not beams. I don't care for that either--in any house--but since these rooms are really living spaces and not "basement" I would have tried to plan it better even if it meant raising the basement ceiling 8" and then dropping the whole thing below the ducts without interfering with the floor to ceiling windows.

There's more glass in the kitchen, but it does seem to be missing in some crucial areas.

I would also have to have window treatments that covered the glass and provided privacy. I would not like the "black hole" and looking at my own reflection in the huge windows all night long.

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I never thought there was anything odd or disconcerting about nighttime with large expanses of glass without WT, but it seems most people do? For houses like this, there would be such volumes of fabric that the WT would be making quite a statement...

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We looked at several homes like this and I would have loved living in one, but unfortunately the ones we saw were generally in awful shape. The windows wouldn't bother me at all. I really like the house!

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The best of these houses have pockets or specific areas that the blinds or curtains fit into (even if it's just properly placed blank wall), so they aren't making a statement necessarily.

Our local country club had drapes that must have been 50 or more feet in width that parked completely off the windows on an adjacent blank wall and were a simple fabric that was the wall color. They were absolutely necessary because the setting sun was blinding.

I actually saw a glass house with vertical blinds in Architectural Digest a few years back. They stacked all the way off the windows and stacked very "thin", so they weren't obtrusive. I know they are very unpopular in GW but they seemed a good solution in that house.

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Lots of fluorescent lights in that house and everyone is right about the bad updates to the bath and kitchen, although that appears to be the original cooktop. It's a rather charmless house with its garage door entry.

I admit that I like my bedroom windows covered at night, atavistic fears perhaps, but I rarely pull the shades in the rest of the house. Of course, the view from my windows is not really black like this house might be as we have too much light pollution. You could put together a wonderful outdoor lighting plan, though, that would make the view more welcoming at night.

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Why not get that liquid crystal switchable privacy glass and flip the switch for night time?

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Pal, you are right, but since it is actually off Highview Drive which is one street off Upper Gulph Road, you wouldn't get to it by K of P Road or Gypsy Lane although it may overlook Gypsy to some extent-at least in winter. My uncle lived on Highview and it is a very lovely area. Because of the way the roads curve around, this one is actually in Upper Merion, but just barely. According to the listing it has a Radnor address.

I can overlook all the cosmetic stuff-small changes. The dark windows at night don't bother me a bit-we have no window treatments anywhere on the back of our home now and I love looking out as the moon rises through the trees. I would really be happy living in this house. I am badgering my DH to consider it! He always says he would move, but when the chance comes, will he? Hmmm...

Ded, I would even be willing to drive up to go through it-want to join me if I do?

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My style is traditional- transitional, but oh how I love these wood side houses.
I look and dream . Oh what I'd give to have as a retreat vacation house. To see the autumn leaves changing, or the budding greens in spring...and imagine waking up to a new snow fall. Siiiigh.
As for nighttime, ( this is my dream and $ is no object) electricians will place timed lights throughout my forest. I will love watching the snowfall on Christmas Eve.
Thanks for posting, pal

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Lovely place, looks like a wonderful space. I dislike the garage in the front (that might be a deal breaker) and don't like the exterior of the windows, but lots to work with otherwise.

The conversation about being able to live with large windows at night is very topical for me. I'm about to see if I can manage it, if all goes according to plan I should be spending the last three weeks in August at my glass house in the woods. I don't want window treatments, at least not in the main room, but I'm sure I will feel exposed at night. I have very few window treatments in my main house and I'm fine with that, but my main house is not in the midst of 27 acres of woods. There are zero privacy concerns at the cottage/house, just that creepy "who/what could be out there in the woods" feeling to contend with. Interesting that it bothers some and not others.

Creative accent lighting in the woods is a great suggestion that could help I imagine, not sure if I've seen examples of this?

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Sochi, I remember your forest home. Would love to see updated pics!
As for landscape lighting, never mind my above idea. I'd forgotten about our trying that trick when we bought our house . We have large, for a traditional style house, windows that look out on dark hills. We do have lights illuminating the trees. It looks lovely while outside, but with the house lights on. the panes are just a big, black blank. We have woven woods in f.r. and kitchen that serve to diffuse us from peeping toms..ha! ...and that's good enough for me. But nothing in the living room, and I am not comfortable
reading there at night..especially with my back to a window. Just the feeling.

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Beautiful home! The views are killer with all those trees. I agree, someone definitely dropped the ball with that bathroom tile. Sadly, so not in keeping with the rest of the house. As for all those windows, we have something similar. We got used to it quickly here and love the openness. Night doesn't bother us, but we have acres of our own land around us . . . and a Doberman (LOL). In a subdivision, it would be a different matter entirely!

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Yes, I know this area well. Too bad it is not just a few blocks south and west so it would be in a better school district. Of course, it would be more expensive and the taxes would be much higher. Upper Merion has lower taxes due to all the businesses in the area, including the second largest mall in the country. Makes you wonder why they don't invest in better schools, although there are plenty that are worse (like Philadelphia).

It's odd that the houses in that development are actually located in three different counties.

Anyhoo, I would love to live in a house like this, not that I need the space. One perk of woodsy properties is less grass to mow. I don't like the kitchen cabs or the countertops, but would tolerate them in order to look out the window and not see another house or human being.

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