my cottage vignette

paintingfoolMay 9, 2009

Luvs and PG, I tried to write Home Sweet Home and some of the other sayings but there wasn't enough room. So I kept it simple and wrote Welcome. It looks a bit crooked because of the way it is sitting in the chair but when it is hung it looks straight.

I have a shop in town that I will be (hopefully) selling these in and I was really getting tired of working on it. It is hard for me to stop piddling with a painting, I am such a tight painter and I want it to be perfect so I could spend hours on this when it should only take 4 at the most.

Thanks for the nice comments, I like vignettes also.


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I think the simple wording is perfect and the flower added to the top was just the right finishing touch.

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Beautiful job! The coloring and detail are exquisite. I am new to this forum but am enjoying it already. I can see that you put tremendous talent in this beautiful piece. I am SURE you will sell it! I do the "One Stroke" Donna Dewberry painting and teach the basics. It's fun, but I wish I had your talent for detail.
Keep showing us your pieces. They are inspirational.

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It turned out beautiful the way you finished it. You do such wonderful paintings that I knew it would come to you what you needed to add. I'll bet the shop is tickled to have you painting for them and will sell lots for you.


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That was the perfect thing to add, it turned out great. The extra flower at the top was the perfect touch to pull it all together. ;o) Lovely as usual. Luvs

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Thanks yall. Now I am off to clean up that paint room. I have a bad habit of pulling out paint or books and not putting them back. Gotta work on that for sure today!!

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Bebe, you have a great eye for design. I love this; it's so pretty and yet not a specific category. It would fit in traditional decor or country. You should sell a lot of these. Of course, I'm partial to pink flowers, so I would be first in line to buy it!

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Bebe...........Awesome! Just plain awesome! There are so many elements in this piece and they are all so very well done.

You take my breath away girl!


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