Boo Time and Jar w/Lilly

phonegirlMay 29, 2010

I wanted to paint something on this tray DH had painted for me and I'm really liking pink for Halloween so decided I'd try it. I also had this little jar I had put crackle on and never painted anything on it so finished it up today too.

It's still raining but I'm tired of painting so guess I'll get flowers ready to take to the cemetary.


I just noticed I need to add the cob web in the letters on the Boo tray. OPPS

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Your little tray is cute, Punk. Is that a Jaime Mills Price pattern? You sound like me--seeing something you missed when you look at the picture you just posted! LOL

So what gave you the idea for pink for Halloween? How did you get that great mottled look to the pink background? It looks neat. I am just so darn traditional, I'd have done a black tray and dark blue sky for sure! This is kinda neat for a change of pace. I've noticed you can paint your Santas outfits any color too--not me--just can't pull away from red ones! LOL

Haven't done anything on a crackled finish for a long time but I really love the look. Did you do your little jar with the glass paints or regular acrylics? You just paint things so quickly--you finish a project before I can even decide what to paint! ;o)


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Your jar and tray are really cute! I was also going to ask if that was a Jamie Mills Price design on the tray, the cute faces on those ghosts look familiar. :-)

You did a great job on both and I like your idea of thinking 'outside the box' on the colors used for Halloween.

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Luvs and KM, thanks for your comments. This is another JMP project. She is just one of my favorite artists.

I just slip slapped the background on the tray. I have pink lights for Halloween and love pink so couldn't resist adding more pink for this Holiday. And I do love Pink Santas. I gave the ghosts a little different faces than the pattern but I like open eyes more than closed ones.

The glass jar is painted with acrylics. I had used crackle for a long time but it turned out pretty well.


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