annieappleMay 2, 2010

Hi everyone! There was a painting book that came out I think 2001 and it had the most adorable painted snowman patterns. They were very whimsical and also painted on light bulbs. I know it wasn't by Rita Grisham and Helen Nicholson because I have their book Ornaments to light up your tree. I don't know who the aurthor is or the name of the book. I remember the painted snowman on light bulbs had also a very fine glitter applied to them as a finishing touch and a cut top of a sock for a cap. If anyone knows of this book I hope you can tell me. Thanks!

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Annie, I wouldn't be surprised someone here knows exactly who authored the book your looking for. I want to think that Bebe has painted some of the lightbulb snowmen. So we'll have to hope that she can help you. I think I know the one your talking about but no idea who painted them.

Great to have someone new here posting with us. I sure hope you will share some of your projects with us.


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Annie, have you done an internet search? Also one of the gals here posted a link to a site that showed lots of painted bulbs, I did go back and checked several posts but didn't find it but you might give that a try. I believe one of the girls here painted a bulb and someone else posted the link in her comment.

Hopes this helps,


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Was it 'Watts Up' and Watt's Happening' by Sandy Holman? They were both published in 2002 and VERY popular. You can still get both books on her website. Just do a search for 'Sandy Holman'.

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Thank you all for your postings. It wasn't by Sandy Holman I checked out her books. I have done a internet search for the past 3 years and can not come up with any info. There was a lady at our local craft fair who had painted some of these snowman light bulbs. But she declined to tell me the author. I had painted one but my shading was totally off and my glitter was the wrong stuff. I thought if I could get the book I could stop making so many mistakes and actually make them right lol.

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Hi, I have painted snowmen on light bulbs for years but I am afraid I do not know the book you are looking for. I believe Jamie Mills-Price has a similar book with snowmen and she even painted one on a light bulb but I don't know which "Between the Vines" book it was.

I use a cut off sock also and I use a fine irredescent glitter glue on mine. You can find it at most hobby stores. I only painted the snowman face. Here is one - it isn't one of my favorites but the only one I have a photo of at the moment. Let me know if it interests you and I will give you the instructions.

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Paintingfool your snowman is so cute! I would love to learn how to paint it.

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There were lots of authors who had books out on snowmen with lightbulbs in them, I have several, it would be a tough search.

Annie, just for the record....there are no mistakes. lol Painting (or any art for that matter) is all about expressing yourself and having fun! Be creative and use what you know with a little'll probably come up with a snowman you create on your own that I'm sure will be adorable. :-)

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