Sheds or Conservatories, Greenhouses of Recycled Windows etc

MoccasinAugust 14, 2011

The lovely greenhouse/studio/shed structure that Rafor built is a great little building. I'm really into homemade sheds, but you don't always have to build it from scratch to make it look great. However, thinking along the lines of reusing old windows and doors, or buying new ones for that matter, you can make a fantastic very personal space. I think about the "buttery" that MamaGoose has, and I sigh in anticipation of what a treasure that will be one day. Sort of reminds me of Tasha Tudor, or Beatrix Potter, you know.

But here are some of the pics on my computer that I've dreamed over for a long time. There is something about those multi-paned old windows that makes a person feel enclosed, protected, and in a wonderful playhouse.

Please contribute any you have pictures of too. This kind of space is especially useful to small homers. I know that OldGardener has a lovely garden, and a spot similar to this.

And I am thinking of one shot here that Lavender Lass will love, I'm sure she will find it all by herself. Enjoy.

This one really reminds me of Rafor's Glass House:

And if you don't have space for a whole shed, what about a shed extension like a garden window that goes all the way to the ground or floor? Maybe even a couple of door lights on either end too.

This one is from inside looking out. But it feels like outside regardless. A nice place to sit and drink a cuppa tea, don't you think?

and that's all for today folks. Enjoy this potpourri of STUFF.

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Oh, I love all those windows!

My husband built a shed from recycled materials and leftover bits from some of his construction jobs. He used different colored leftover tiles on the floor, bits of leftover laminate flooring, and leftover sheet rock for the walls. The octagon window is from some old project. The door is an old one. Some of the siding is left over from when we built our house.

It's all made from bits and pieces of other projects.

The porch is a great place to sit and view the garden.

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ML What a wonderful collection of pretty spaces. I KNOW which one LL will love.

Oldgardener that is a delightful little shed? Shed is that really enough of a name for such a pretty little building.

My DH built me the garden shed from satellite dish fins and some recycled tin. Not a thing of beauty but is really is useful.

Since the french doors our friend brought up will not fit where we had hoped I am going to try to use them some how on the front porch. First I need to get them to the porch. They will take two men and a woman to lift them. EEEEKKK they are heavy. I do not plan on officially mounting them . Just have them temp until I can talk DH into enclosing half or so of the porch. I really hope to do that some day. THEN we can use the collected windows and doors I have been hoarding.

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shades_of_idaho, if it was wired and plumbed, it could be a guest house, but there is no bathroom or kitchen in it, no wiring or plumbing. The shed itself isn't all that big...the porch makes it look twice as big as it really is.

My husband also built this shed using recycled materials and split logs. I call it the foxglove shed. :)

In the last picture, you can see an old stained glass window that he framed with odd pieces of wood.

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Great sheds! Old gardener, I love the shed your dh built. It has been so brutally hot here this summer that I can't really imagine a shed built out of glass. Unless it was surrounded by shade trees, it would be an oven. But I still like the way they look.

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ML- I love that last picture! A perfect place, for a cup of tea :)

Oldgardener- What wonderful sheds! Your DH is a treasure...and your foxgloves are beautiful. I've probably asked before (I should keep notes LOL) but do you live on the west side of Washington or Oregon? All that snow, but such beautiful cedars(?) and ferns.

Shades- Your french doors sound lovely. I hope you get your porch enclosed, soon. It will such a nice feature.

Marti- You seem more like the shady screened porch type. A cool, green spot to sit and enjoy the evenings...with no bugs! I think we all need a place like that, in the summer.

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Thanks, marti8a and lavender_lass. DH can be very creative sometimes.

We're in western WA, lots of cedars and ferns. We get snow some winters but not all.

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Lav, I just KNEW that picture would strike your fancy!

And Oldgardener, I remember when you posted the picture of your little shed in the snow, such a dreamy landscape. I know it is small, but the porch AND the large roofline, make it appear substantially larger.

The lavender flowers, the stained glass, the pair of chairs on the porch...they tell me that this place has been planned for more than utilitarian purposes. Even if you seldom go to it, looking at it from your house, when you are involved in some tiresome project, it gives you a brief moment of pleasure, of relaxation. That is what happens when I look up from my kitchen window and see the garden bench, or the hammock I seldom lie on, but it is something my psyche needs to have.

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