Shhhh! I hit the TS today!

luvstocraftMay 13, 2008

I went out to pick up dry cleaning and run errands and stopped off at a couple TS while I was out. Got a few treasures, but will post pics later tonight after DH goes to work! He doesn't understand my carting "junk" home! ;o) Luvs

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Ha...I sneaked in on my way to eat lunch with DH yesterday. I "hid" my purchases in the back of the van and didn't mention going.....but my 3 yr old brought it up at lunch. ha DH just gave me the look. I hurried and put the things away before he got home last night. He doesn't understand my addiction either. ha I got a large box to paint for one of my Christmas gifts $1.50, a puzzle $1, a brand new never opened Harry Potter Trivia game for the kids $2, an angel stake for the yard $1 (still had the original $10 hanging tag on it) and 2 books for the tattletale, .25 each. I can't help it that my vehicle is on auto pilot and can't pass up a TS. hahaha =) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Here's a quick pick of some of my goodies. I got these nearly brand new books for $3 and $4 each--regularly over $20 each! The wooden box has dividers and a velour bottom in it. Thought it would be nice for storing craft supplies--too deep for my desk drawer. ;o( And the hanging flower tin is a mottled green already and just perfect for painting a design on. I also got a pair of floral curtains with attached ruffles that I want to try to use on my patio swing cushion and a bag of four small ponies as well as a bag of four metal cars for 85 cents --they are all washed and waiting in the play room for little GD! ;o) ( I still have my son's little hot wheels "town" that is in a little suitcase thing, now his daughter loves to play with it! Too cute! Our DH's just don't realize how much money we are saving them--and we are doing the whole recylce, reuse, repurpose thing for the environment too. They should thank us, huh? LOL


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Ooh, I love that box. Very cool. Have you decided what you are going to paint on the hanging tin? Those books look interesting. I may actually have that Cottage Style book or else I've looked thru it somewhere before. Looks familiar anyway. ha
Your GD will enjoy the little toys. I take my DD thru the toy aisle first when we get to the TS so she can find something to play with and we always go thru the book section. She has an addiction to the tiny books. She always ends up with one or two of them, but she has very discerning tastes and they have to be just the way she likes them or else she puts them back.ha Did I tell you what she had the lady write in her Mothers Day card she made me at church? "I love my mom because she takes me shopping!" ha My first DD is a tomboy thru and thru so I finally got my little girly girl in the last one. ha She is a true shopper.
Great finds. I'll look forward to seeing what you paint on the tin. :) ~Anj

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How cute that your little one likes to go shopping with you. At this age it is usually so easy to please them--but just wait for those teenage years!

That is pretty smart of you to hit the toys first so she won't bug you the whole time.

Do you carry wet wipes with you? I do, I found a box of the little packets of them at Sam's Club. I guess I am paranoid, but I like to wipe things off with them or at least wipe my hands after I've handled so many things--especially the books.

My GD just had her 4th BD, hard to believe how quickly those years have slipped by. She is pretty much a girly girl too,--most of the time. She loves to play dress up and always wants a bow in her hair. Then she may turn right around and want to climb the tree or hang from the bars on the patio swing! LOL

I'll have to search for just the right pattern for that little tin--not sure what just will go on it just yet.

Love that you found that game for only $2.00--games are really getting expensive at the stores, aren't they? And the angel stake--what a bargain. Does your box have a lid? I saw a big square white one without a lid the other day and couldn't think what to use it for--later it dawned on me that it would be so cute with Christmas designs on all four sides and a little fake tree in it! I might get back by there sometime this weekend, if it's still there, I will probably buy it. My "thinking cap" needs to go in for repairs I think! LOL


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I don't carry wipes with me anymore, but we both get the antibiotic lotion when we get back to the car. I do that even after shopping at Walmart.
The box is a big round papier mache one and it does have a lid. The original price tag had 29.99 on it so undoubtedly it had something inside. There was a graphic pasted on the outside that I removed since it was pretty beat up. I may try to replicate it in paint using it as a pattern or just try to find a Renee Mullins pattern to use on it most likely. There is a wire handle with metal stars and moons wired onto that so one of her bear patterns with the moon behind would probably look good.

I think that would be a neat idea with the box. I usually find the little trees at the $1 store around Christmas. I hate it when I put something back and then think of the perfect use for it when I get home. ha But we can't buy everything....well not at once anyway. ha

My DD's birthday is coming up on the 28th. They are really close in age. What did she have on her cake? Neleh switches between a princess cake to Tinkerbell to Scooby-Doo. She's gonna have to make up her mind soon. :)

I have been so miserable today since lunch. I Thanksgiving overate... and I feel sick. I finished up my last 2 Mothers Day ribs, but I ate some good french bread with it and it just expanded to the point of misery. I took a nap even, but still not feeling well. Hope I'm not about to have another appendicitis attack. I have chronic appendicitis that sort of feels like this when it starts. I'm gonna go lay back down. DH will have to fend for the kids for supper.

Oh, I was gonna tell you that I went to the nursery before lunch and I bought 2 fushia plants. I think they may be dwarf ones though. They are the purple and pink ones and they are called Tiny Tim.


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