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rilieAugust 27, 2007

How small is too small for a dining / table area? We're gradually renovating the downstairs of our home (bulit around 1900, 1600 +/- SQ). For some reason, the previous owners put a bathroom in the best available spot for light & view. We're moving the bathroom, have that all figured out, and plan to open that area up and make it a combined kitchen & dining area, seperated by a half wall or counter. The table area will be where the bathroom is now, with lots of light and large windows. The kitchen will stay more or less where it is, but will sacrifice some size to the dining area (this is okay, it's a big kitchen). Right now our dining table is smack in the middle of the kitchen, which I do not like whatsoever.

So, I'm wondering, how much space should I allot for this dining nook? There are just the 2 of us, we do occassionally entertain but usually small groups no larger than 6-8. Our current table is round with one large leaf to extend to an oval shape. Extended, it seats 6 comfortably. I'm looking at 9x11, possibly a bit larger. Too small?

If you saw Johnmari's photos on the other thread about eat in kitchens, they are very similar to the look I am talking about.

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Try the space by placing at least 6 chairs out from the table (as they'd be when people are leaving) and see how much room there is, then add in (if necessary) a sideboard, or anything else you need, plus traffic space from the kitchen and other rooms. Either it works or it doesn't.

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I have an oval table for 6 in a 8-8 X 11-4 room and it works nicely, after we are all seated. Moving people and dishes to and from can require a bit of choreography. When there are only the usual 3 or 4 of us, it works very well.

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Hello Smaller home forum. Just found you. I am usually in kitchens or baths. Our 1800SF home built on Narragansett bay and raised on stilts, certainly qualifies as smaller. I Agree with Randi, I was able to have an eliptical table, double drop leaf that worked well for 6-8 in a 9x11 space. When not in use I left one or both of the leaves down and put chairs in the corners. Now I have a L shaped wall to wall banquette with another double drop leaf. I just move the table when needed. This space doubles as a music room.

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