Lisa's Shrine

texaswildFebruary 16, 2012

This is a hostess gift for a friend whom Shea and I w/visit just b/f Easter. Was a high school mate of Shea's when we were posted in Bolivia. I'll probably add more to this - maybe some hangy down things. It's a hanging shrine.

Lisa's Shrine

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The second picture was supposed to have been replaced in my album, but I missed it. It was ungrouted and not finished and un-polyurethened.

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It is looking great love the bird nest.

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Thanks, NANA.

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That is really amazing! I totally love all the elements especially the birds. How nice. i would love to get that piece, Im sure she will love it.

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LOVE the nest!!! What a great theme! Good job! It reminds me of watchin' those two little birds that hung out on the mirror in your back yard...preening and squawking!heh heh!

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oooh oh ohhh thats really AWESOME!

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One question Slow.........Do you ever sleep?!?!?!?! You must be like that everready bunny you never run out of energy or creative ideas! Just when I think I've seen your best comes another one. She, as all your recipients are soooooo lucky to have one of your unique pieces. :))

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Many thanks, y'all. CRAFTY: I don't know what to do w/my self or my days, if I'm not creating. I LOVE making shrines. Just today, my DD said my Granddaughter loves the second shrine I made for Shea, and wondered if she was keeping both of them - the large and small. So, in order not to be greedy, Shea was gonna share the small one w/Kate. NOT - it w/give me an opportunity to make another one. W/probably be in a wooden crate or box - I have several. It gives me great joy when they keep on wanting my stuff. Thank you so much for your compliment.

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