Arranging furniture in a small room

valzone5August 14, 2006

I am pulling my hair out trying to arrange the furniture in our bedroom. It's a tiny room and we have a queen size bed and two dressers (not an option to remove either dresser). I am showing pics of the two arrangements that I have so far, and would love your input on which one you think works better (or if you have an idea for something completely different). To me, I think that the dresser by the closet is too crampy and looks odd, but when the dresser is by the bed it's crowded too and then I have the problem of putting a lamp for reading on the dresser - it sits too high.

I would love your feedback on this.

First arrangement:

Second arrangement:

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You might also consider putting the dresser on the wall to the left of the bed - not on the bed wall. Still keep it close to the corner so you don't have to worry about stubbing toes in the middle of the night. Then purchase a wall lamp for the bed. By the closet looks ok but you would be just asking for a stubbed toe.

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I agree about the stubbed toe, LOL!! I did try it on that wall, and I think it would be a nightmare to get the drawers open all of the way.

BTW - I should mention that the dresser has no drawers in it because I just painted the dresser and am waiting for the paint to dry.

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Val, you didn't say how big your room is....but appears similar to mine. I too have a queen size which is placed at a 30 degree angle in the corner...not a complete angle as it would stick out too far. This gives me one complete wall for my huge dresser and a partial wall beside the bed for a smaller one. Looks like you could do this by the far window away from the closet.

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I like the way the dresser looks under the window, but you have to go with what works better for you, with no stubbed toes! I am not sure that moving it parallel to the bed would keep you from catching it with your foot!! Good Luck!

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OK...I have found a new arrangment which could work. Dresser on wall that is perpendicular to where it was...seems more roomy. How about this?

Smaller dresser beside bed.

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That is exactly what I was going to suggest. That dresser is so pretty, I was thinking that it would be pleasant to look at it with a nice lamp and mirror over it from your bed.

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Can you put the tv on top of the dresser? The height might make it easier to see from the bed. I too was going to suggest the smaller dresser on the side of your bed. Looks really good.

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Thanks guys!

I am not too worried about the TV right now as we don't actually use it to watch TV - it's hooked to a video baby monitor. But in the future if we want to use the TV for TV purposes, we'll have to do something with it to make it more viewing friendly.

Now I can get on to the good stuff - curtains and accessories!

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