Need ideas for painting fairy houses

textilejoMay 1, 2008

I need some help finding pictures of fairy houses to paint. I have them primed and ready to paint but I'm lost at what I want to paint on them.

My son brought me home these pieces of very heavy metal. They were teeth on a excavator:-) and would make neat birdhouses too but I want to paint a fairy town. I hope to string solar lights up inside of them and have it shine through the hole.

I got a book by Lin Wellford from the library and looked online but nothing seems to be what I want, LOL

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Those will make a really cute, unique fairy village. I know I have seen some really cute ones recently--one was on a blog I think, but I can't remember which one.

I would think you could look at some of the painted birdhouse designs for ideas too. Or look at some of the actual fairy houses on the Garden Junk forum to get ideas for shapes of doors and other details. I know Luvstoclick had made some really cute fairy houses. You could do a search for hers.

There is a post on here with lots of sites for free patterns too, but I don't remember any that had fairy houses. Maybe someone else will be able to help.

Good luck on your project, and I'm sure they will look really cute. And remember that you can glue bark, rocks, moss, shingles, etc. on them in addition to painting on them. Just make sure you use a weather proof glue like the GE Silicone II.


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Those will make perfect fairy houses or gnome homes! ha What a good vision for the ordinary you have! I was thinking painting them to look like they are made from rocks or wood, but I like Luvs idea of adding actual rocks or twigs and moss to it as well.

Luvs idea of using birdhouses works too. I've posted a link to one site that has some that may work for you.

I think however you do them they are gonna turn out so cute. Be sure and post pictures for us!

Here is a link that might be useful: birdhouses

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Those will be adorable!
Please post pictures when you are done.

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