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lulie___wayneMay 23, 2003

Hey Deb, or anyone else, where are you all? Come on and let's talk PAINT. Have you finished anything lately?

I am reading another Trompe l'Oeil book and can't wait to start a project. I want to do some kind of Trompe l'Oeil

around one of the bedroom doors. I would love to make some type of arched window/entrance with the outside painting on the door. Major project, but I would like to put the brushes into action and give it a try. Not sure exactly what the scene will be.

Let's get this forum going before Spike takes it off!!!

Visit Christin Cosby's Memorial Website at: www.angelfire.com/la2/OurAngel/ChristinCosby.html

Lulie Cosby

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Go for it, Lulie! I LOVE trompe l'oeil. Which book are you reading? I am curently working on painting life-sized carousel horses all the way around my daughter Claire's room. I am also working on painting a racetrack and transportation theme in my sons Christopher and Cary's room, and a jungle in baby son Carter's room. It is REALLY fun having my children and myself for clients. It is also really slow going, because all the kids are so young, 5 and under. But oh, well. I will post pictures if you'd like.

Lulie, I just want you to know how much reading your story about your beautiful and wonderful daughter has affected me. It really made me want to "seize the day" and enjoy every minute with them-- to remember that we don't always have the "forever" in THIS life that we count on when we put things off (like muralling their rooms when I have "real" clients waiting for me.) I have thought about Christin Claire every day since I read your site. (And since my first two children are Christopher and Claire, her story especially hits home.) Thank you so much for sharing her story and letting Christin continue to touch lives here on earth even though she has already moved on to the next one. Skatiero in Louisville, KY

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I also have done some murals and painted on my kitchen door that leads into the garage. I painted a brick walkway that goes through a rose arbor ....I painted the door to look open and the real door knob is hidden in the roses. Looks neat. I also have painted a scene on my concrete wall in the backyard and a mural in one of the spare bedrooms.

I would love to hear about the murals you are doing/done.

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Actually, the book that I am reading now is just one that I grabbed from the library called "Quick and Easy Trompe l'Oeil". There are some beautiful designs in the back of it that I wanted to study carefully and try to reproduce around the bedroom door.
The entrance to the room and bathroom that I want to paint, has a nautical theme and I think it would be neat to paint something that has to do with ropes, water, anchors, etc. I just need to make it my first priority now and DO IT.
I didn't notice if this forum has a gallery or not, but it would be nice if we could share pictures of our work. If you both can post pictures to this thread, I would love to see the work that you have done.
Thanks for viewing my "baby's" web site. Hold on to those kids and love them like there is no tomorrow. There may not be.
Have a great day. I'm going shopping for art supplies! :))
Lulie Cosby

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You said it, Lulie. Your baby's website is exactly what spurred me on to mural my own kids' rooms despite my backlog of clients. Suddenly it was a lightbulb moment-- that THEY should be the first in line!

I am working on posting photos of some of my murals. I am trying to get the gumprion to figure out how to make a website of my own. I have been procrastinating doing so for YEARS.

I have my kitchen door mural planned-- have done them for others and not for myself! Mine is going to be an open door leading out to a small balcony with a table set for tea, overlooking a blue Ridge view to remember my roots-- I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. As usual, I am covered with paint.

Do any of you have a secret to getting dried paint out of your hair? It is an ongoing problem for me. I need some shampoo that just autimatically does it for me. Either that, or I need to suddenly become ultra-coordinated and NOT manage to get paint in my hair every day! I am very absent-minded.....

I am almost finished with Claire's carousel horses. it is taking forever since I have to do it in little bursts around the children....

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I'm so pleased that Christin' site help spur you on to take care of your children's murals first. Yes, they should come first before the clients. :)) My baby is still affecting others in positive ways as she did in her life.
Can't wait to see your pictures!!

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:) She is still making a difference. Pretty awesome. Please tell her thanks for looking out for my little ones. I finished Claire' room today and her carousel horses (which I would not have picked, but she chose) are really wonderful.

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I'm sure that Christin is looking out for your babies too. She loved little children. Speaking of that, my little grandson has told me several times, out of the blue, that Christin has told him to "be careful on his bike". Now, he is only 2. The last time he told me this, we were at the cemetery and he was stooping down by her grave and had a really serious look on his face looking at her pictures on the grave. He said, very seriously, "Christin told me to be careful on my bike". I asked him if she smiled and if she was pretty and he broke out into a great big smile and his eyes lit up and he told me yes and shook his head affirmatively. Not sure what to think of this, but tend to think that the little ones can communicate easier with those gone before us. He never knew Christin in life.
Anyway, just wanted to share that with you.

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Wow Lulie, nice story about your grandson. Thanks for sharing with us.

P.S. Your daughter was a beautiful girl. She is definitely shining up there in heaven.

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What a long week! I have been scarce b/c I have been trying to get way too much stuff done, and not cool art stuff. our big trash pickup day is this coming monday, and I am trying to do a lot of dcluttering and dejunking beforehand. We also got a new piano (actaully a very old one) and it is a baby grand instead of a spinet like our existing one, so I had to totally rearrange the living room and stuff-- whew! Ad to sell the old piano goes in tomorrow. The old piano is currently sitting on the hearth!

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