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Samantha111August 4, 2011

I'm really liking the idea of the two tier utensil drawer. They are pricey (for me) at $150 but with a small kitchen and limited storage it could double some space and would seem to be quite useful. They are very shallow though. I don't have or need a ton of just flatware. My utensil drawer as it is not pleasant. It's like a junk drawer of various stuff even with the utensil caddy (takes up most of the drawer). I didn't have a pencil handy but it was something like 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inches on one and an inch or so for the other on the Woodmark/Shenandoah brand. I would lose about 6 inches by making the upper drawer in a 36" bank two drawers instead of one. Maybe creating one's own drawer divisions with baskets etc. works better when you don't have a lot of cabinets for these great organizers to begin with?

How do people like the 2 tier utensil units? One of the KD's said he didn't like them because they are so fixed, maybe a pizza cutter could go in a slot. Another liked them but his wife had him remove it.

These and any other features you really like? Spice racks on the doors? Door shelves and a tilt on the sink unit? Pullouts (I have a spot for a 9" and don't really need a tray holder.)

I realize everyone is different but am interested in your thoughts and experiences, and the pros and cons I might not have thought of yet. They look like quite a bit of relief in organizing oneself well.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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I have one but it is a cheapie plastic one, and the drawer won't open unless it is pushed to the back. So I just keep the seldom used stuff back there. The plus is that all my silverware is in the same drawer where I can find it.

BTW, the full extension drawers are great too.

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if you have a wide shallow drawer, use it for your silverware and some cooking utensils. no one to say you can't put them in the same drawer. you need the height of those drawers for things like spatulas, ladles etc.

spices - they make little 'racks' to put on doors. qvc and amazon have slide out and down holders for spices - if you don't have too many. they are stackable tho. search slider spice rack on amazon.

you can buy bins at W for 2-3 $s to make up your own configuration of spaces in a drawer. you might have to consolidate. having 1 divided space for 1 utensil is ridiculous. put a few in each space.

the 9" pullout could hold water jugs, water bottles, soda bottles/cans, juice bottles. make it a 2 part slide out (would look like 2 drawers). could use 1 for lids, cutting boards...

no way would i pay 150.00 for a premade 2 tier utensil holder thingy. It go against my frugal insides to spend 15.00 for something like that.

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Well, I think you might find it interesting to browse through the online IKEA Kitchen catalog for drawer accessories.

My brother has a double layer silverware drawer, and it is the only one I know of which really works like it should. He keeps his knives in the top part. It can slide to the back of the drawer to reveal the items in the bottom layer.

My preference is to have the top layer of such a drawer as a small cutting board. Maybe even a glass one, but the wood looks better. No worry then about it getting hung up with some utinsel jamming things.

For my cooking tools, I have them hanging on S-hooks (from IKEA) from a bar (looks like brushed stainless also from IKEA and available 24" to 48" long or wide). And, for things which do not hang, I have a heavy crock nearby for the spatulas and peelers and spreaders and slicers. I also have a narrow drawer for my cutlery, which is not really matched, because I would pick up a new knife when on sale, and then I also needed a spot to stash the sharpener. I am NOT a fan of electrical plug-ins sitting on the counter top. So no electric carving knife for me, no electric can opener. They clutter up the kitchen, and then the cords always wind up coated in grease and flour. I keep out the coffee pot (I brew it, not instant), and the electric hotpot (DH heats water for instant, and I use it for tea). The toaster is banished to a shelf with high clearance to keep from heating up the cabinet over the counter top.
When we redo our kitchen, I'm going to hide it behind the higher eating bar, adjacent the range, to pull out to use it but slide it back out of the way later. I think a rollup appliance "garage" is a neat idea, but you must be able to dedicate the counter space permanently to something. All I can imagine leaving out on the counter, besides the beverage appliances, would be the toaster and the blender. And that would be about a full appliance garage.

I'm still thinking about a KitchenAide 600 mixer with a bread dough blade.....yeah, right, and me being diabetic and not supposed to be eating breads! Sigh........ :)

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Moccasin, you have so many useful suggestions. I have to go through your posts more thoroughly tomorrow. Thank you!

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You ladies sure are organized and know how to keep it all together and working smoothly. I think I'll ditch the accessories that come with the cabinetry as they seem to be quite expensive. There are a lot of inexpensive options that can be added later as I find a need to organize differently.

I agree the stuff on top of the counter tends to get greasy so is good to keep stored under cover when possible.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will be so glad when the final decisions are made and everything installed so all I have to worry about is organizing things and enjoying my new kitchen!

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ML - isn't there some kind of bread you can make that you can eat? is it the sugar? the flour?

Samantha - I think you're wise to wait on some of those organizers anyway until you see how you'll be using items and where you want them to be stored. Most things can be found cheaper.

W even has a stand up wire rack to screw into the bottom of a drawer (or shelf) to hold up things like cookie sheets, 9 x 13 pan, cutting boards etc. about 8 $s! that's what I'm getting for my bottom deeper drawer. I don't have much to put 'in' those slats but I'll probably get a cookie sheet down the road to add to my few things.

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Steph, honey, I love breads and have to be super careful when I indulge in them. It is the carbs. Which means the starches and the sugars.

I've found some whole wheat bread by Pepperidge Farm, sliced, that has about 10 carbs per slice or thereabouts. It is not the kind I really love though, so I hold out for the occasional Italian or French with a lot of body to it.

It is a problem of keeping down yeasty things, so I do not wind up with infections that are difficult to cure.

You know, about cookie sheets. I want to get the Bertazzoni range, 24" wide, so I bought some of the quarter-sheet cookie sheets. They are really neat. About the same size as a serving tray for using with individual lunches. I also use these to set flower pots to drain near the sink. I went to a local kitchen supply store for restaurants, and found them. I always browse that store slowly looking for ideas. Sometimes they are high priced, but once I have the idea/concept in my head, I can look elsewhere too.

I have some metal plate racks which I keep on top of the microwave. Since it gets hot up there, I use it to store my pretty lids or flat platters. Nothing that could be damaged by the heat.

I have a very large rectangular electric fry pan, teflon coated, immersible, side handles stick out pretty far, but it is handy for a pound of bacon or to use as a Teflon griddle for pancakes or fried eggs. Great breakfast pan. So I'm wanted to put it on one of the 36" wide roll outs adjacent to my new range....when we get that, I mean. If it is convenient to use, it will get used more often.

And this is what I hope to locate by the range, magnetic spice cans. I think I found them at Staples for office items like paper clips and tacks. Here they are located on the breaker box temporarily...the box is due to be relocated elsewhere.

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those are beautiful plate racks!

yes, infections are bad for diabetics! I love bread too - one of my downfalls. I'm trying more to stick to whole grain breads these days - and fruits and veggies. I hope I do better once i get moved.

great breaker box decoration - lol!

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