Painting patio cushions - what type of paint?

karynMay 6, 2014

There are a number of places selling "special" paint for fabric at 4x the price of other comparable paint. What makes the "special" fabric paint so special?

I'm more than skeptical about this and feel that on a clean surface, a coat of primer and spray lacquer color should work as well as any other type of paint. Anyone have experience using just simple cans of generic, cheap Home Depot spray paint?

This is the chair - I have 4 to do. The cushion covers don't come off (no zippers) and my ability to sew is non-existant, besides by the time you do the work and buy the material you're paying top dollar anyway. Worse yet - the cushion sizes are proprietary and discontinued, so even buying replacements is out of the question.

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Don't know if you tried anything or not. Problem with most spray paints is that they tend to form a film & then they will crack so if you know what an old crackled plate looks like that is what you are going to end up with . Paints change so much with EPA requirements that don't know if that would still hold true. But craft stores do sell fabric paints in bottles that you brush on & they stay "soft" so you don't get jabbed when you sit down on the seat. I think I would Google Outdoor fabric paint & see what comes up. Might be something new & great to use. Good Luck!

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