watercolor card

kraftylady23May 4, 2008

I painted a watercolor Anniversary card for my in laws and I have only done 1 other watercolor, so play nice. I do have fun, but I see I need lots more practice. Thanks for looking.


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I love it! I'm sure they will too.

How did you do that? How did you get the computer looking print on a watercolor?

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I used watercolor paper, then used a pen that is water proof and drew on the design and used watercolor paints to paint the design and background. All completely hand done.
Donna H.

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I think it is lovely-I would be happy to receive one!

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Wow, Donna, that's some very detailed work! I thought maybe you had printed the words off your computer and then did the painting. I wonder if that would be possible?

BTW, did you see where I did answer your question about my windows?

I'm surprised at what printers can do really cheaply nowadays. I made my window pattern up on my computer in Jasc Paintshop Pro 9. Then I had Staples print it out for me in full size (65" x 36"). It only cost me a few dollars. It was well worth it!

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Kraftylady, this group always "plays nice", we just appreciate the talent and work of other painters and really love to have them share pics with us.

I think your card turned out great. Do you ever worry that the person you give a card to will just throw it away? That would break my heart after all the thought and work that goes into it.


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Oh, I forgot to tell you that I had posted a question for you on the "conversations" side here. Will you take a look when you get a chance please? Thanks, Luvs

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It is really lovely. You need to make sure the recipient knows that you painted it so it doesn't get thrown out! It's pretty enough to frame so there probably isn't much danger of that. :) ~Anj

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