katishookedFebruary 21, 2009

I used sculpey to make these. Please help with sealers for them to use outside. I have some flower ideas I want to use, but want to make sure the sculpey will hold up. Thanks all for help and enjoy.

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think I would use marine varnish

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Won't hold up outside in extreme southern heat, and w/fade, in my experience.

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While its not supposed to be outside, I think Cacbeary reported her stuff has held up. I think its a risk. The only 2 ealants I ever read PCers using is Future floor wax and Fleck varathane and I wonder is theres one thats rated for outdoors? obviously floor wax won't work.

those are really cute btw

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They are darling. I don't know what will work as I'm just getting into outside stuff. But please let us know later if it works and what you use. As I have a freind who is really into this and would love to have some like them and maybe dragonflies and butterflies for my deck....Cathy

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Cathy that is what I had in mind. I would like to do flowers, butterflies etc for the brick wall by my patio. I got some Helmsman Spar Urethane for outside today. Am going to coat 3/4 times. I was thinking of putting in freezer, thawing and spritzing with water and maybe pop in the oven to see how they hold up. Will keep you posted.

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