Kitchen Garden-style windows anyone?

MoccasinAugust 14, 2011

I've always wanted one of those bumpout windows, with panes on the sides and panes at the back, level with my counter top and right behind the kitchen sink. I've looked for them, and have been told they are not easy to live with. BUT, I still day dream about having one installed when we remodel our kitchen.

I ran across a picture of one that I had on my computer from a long time back, and submit it here as a beginning to this discussion.

Other than liking or not liking this as a feature in your kitchen, why? Why is it a plus or a minus in a kitchen?

Replacing the 36 x 36 window that is there now, in my house, would face directly south and overlook an area of my back yard that I dearly love...the NewOrleans style courtyard garden, the bird feeder and bird bath, and a small grassy lawn, all behind our privacy fence.

So here is the image. I like this style, but really want the window to have a smooth transition from counter behind the sink. My sink is an undermount stainless steel, not an apron front farmhouse sink. No holes for the single hole faucet, so I'd need room behind the sink to mount that.

And this one shows raised cabs either side of the sink, and not a real garden window, but one with a deep sill. I like it too.

More to come later, just have not gathered my wits together on this subject.

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Love the first one ML. The ones that come out directly counter height are a total pain to keep clean. And if you are even remotely vertically challenged you will be having to drag stool out to be able to reach into them to clean. I had a deep corner in our last kitchen that made me insane. I actually had to get the stool out to reach to the back of my counter corner. I am 5'5" so not terrible short. Just saying this because it would be the same to have to reach out to clean those constantly splattered windows. No matter how careful you are they will get splattered. And just to wipe the sill off behind your faucet. The first picture you show does keep your glass a little further away from splashes. YES you will still have difficulty getting there to clean but not as much cleaning needed as the ones flat to the counter.

Then there is the horrible heat issue. Our front porch faces south and it is an oven out there.

Again in the first one you could build some shading in the eve to help a little bit. It really is gorgeous.

The deep window sills are wonderful. I just would not do them at a kitchen window over the sink. Maybe I am getting lazy in my old age. I do not want to have to be climbing up on a counter to have to clean a window or sill on a regular basis.

This is the window in a manufactured home we were considering buying. I loved the way it was easy to reach. Still had a great plant shelf. Not that this will fit your situation. But it is kind of neat. Wish I had a better picture of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another way

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Ditto what shades said, and although the one in your first picture appears to be inoperable, if you had a window that opened, and you like to open the kitchen window to get a breeze, it would be really difficult. I can barely open my over the sink window now.

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I like the step up area behind a corner sink like the pic/link shows.

many on 'kitchens' like those windows sills even with the counter height. I have visions of water rolling on back into that area.

i'm with you shades - i even have trouble reaching the corner area of 2 counter runs. i'm 5'. that's why I'm gonna use the one i'm getting to put the mw diagonal on it. maybe I'll move it out sometimes and clean behind it... I'll need the step stool to do that tho.

there's no sense in putting anything that far back that'd I might need to reach on a regular basis.

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I think the first one is beautiful, too. I remember seeing something similar to what you're describing...on This Old House. I think it was a Shaker kitchen, but I'll see if I can find a picture :)

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This isn't what I was thinking about...but if you scroll to the bottom of the link, there are some pretty garden windows. If you can get past the purple counter and backsplash (and I like purple) but this is a little's a beautiful window.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to garden window over sink

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When I had the corner sink at MoccasinLanding, I could not reach the back to clean it. But I also had a mirror backsplash along that wall and around the inside of the passthrough to the family room. It really drew in the light, and reflected the view of the water in the bayou behind my back yard.

Like Steph says, I had to use a step stool to get it cleaned. But I also just walked along the countertops, and cleaned abouve the upper cabs, etc, and that was no problem. I usually keep a stool for such purposes.

Also, I have one of those sets of silicone-tipped tongs which are fairly long, maybe designed for outdoor grilling, but I use them to grab things off the top shelf. The silicone is a great gripper, BTW. Even heavy glass jars. But I am always ready to catch it if it should fall, and never, so far, broken anything.

They also have something like a picker-upper that you use to pick up nuts under trees, or trash in the yard. I've used those as rewards to community volunteers who pick up neighborhood trash. Just squeeze the handle, and the tongs at the ground level grab the object.Some fold, others do not. I think they can cost as much at $10, less if you get multiples.

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I love those windows but wouldn't want to clean 'em anymore. I had one in CA yrs ago and really liked it. don't know who cleaned it. maybe I never looked... was only there about 1.5 yrs. My roommate probably did that - she was taller.

I have a picker upper thingy. I hope to be able to know where it is once I get moved...

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