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paintgirl2008May 29, 2008

I was looking through my painting books(I have so many)!!! and wondered who other's favorite designers were.I am always buying books even tho I might not do any projects from them,

I can sit and look for hours!! A lot of the small craft stores have gone out of business around here.We still have Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and they have lessons, but a lot of others have disappeared. I had some lessons from a lady near here that had a small craft business-she taught painting-all kinds-oil,acrylic,watercolor. She could duplicate a Thomas Kincaid painting and hers looked better than his! The last time I was by there it was closed-( a shame)

I like Ros Stallcup for her beautiful flowers and fruit

Trudy Beards designs, and Dorothy Dents landscapes (old barns, mills and nostalgic themes) and all roses!!

I must stop, I have been on my computer all day.

Happy painting everyone!!!

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Paintgirl, I know how you feel. I love to grab a handful of painting books or mags, curl up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and just browse. What's really nice is that my tastes have changed through the years,and so a pattern that might not have appealed to me when I first got the book, is just the perfect one now! Does that ever happen to you?

I really enjoy painting Renee Mullins designs. I like Nancy Wood, Laurie Speltz, Mary Jo Tuttle to name a few. There have been so many I've really enjoyed. I used to really be into Myra Mahey, Cheri Saffoite (sp) Helena Cook, Pat Olsen,Susan Fouts,Dianna Marcum, Juliet Martin, Susan Jill Hall, Darcie Hunter, and Donna Spiegel to name a few more.

Some of them are still producing designs, but the others seem to have moved on to other things. Donna Spiegel was popular when I first started painting, and I've kept allot of the pieces I made from her designs. Same thing with Cheri Saffoite, her style is not so popular now, but I've kept allot of my pieces made from her patterns.

I also have several books and videos of Donna Dewberry, and a couple of other painters who do pretty roses. I admire but haven't bought any of Ros Stalcup or the other wonderful fluffy rose painter who's name excapes me right now yet, because their work looks so perfect that I wasn't sure I could ever duplicate it.

I too miss the little local stores. It was so fun to go there and see the painted samples and talk with other painters. Michael's and Joanne's don't seem to carry a very good selection of books, and even Artist's Club seems to not have as many as they used to. I love it when I run across painting books at the thrift stores--will often buy them just to look through them whether I see anything I really love or not! LOL I have started to thin some of my books out now, just the ones I know I probably won't use again. I am so fortunate to have a painting friend I can pass them along to. ;o)


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I haven't counted my books , but I really have a lot.There isn't anyone close to me that paints so I'll probably just keep them. I am a pack-rat anyway.Some of yours I am not familiar with, but I do have books by Juliet Martin and Pat Olsen. There was a painter named Peggy Nuttall that did beautiful work,some of her books are still on sale, just type her name into Google and look at them. There is a painter named Ros Stallings that does beautiful roses. And Annette Stevens also. I could ramble on all day about painting and books!! Have a happy Friday!!!!

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I'm another paint book/mag fanatic. ha Just looking thru them gets your thinker going on what you can do with them. I have mine separated out into seasons as much as possible with a section for combined holidays. I'll pull out a whole section and sit and look thru them. Love it! I just bought 3 more today at the TS. Great place to run upon out of print books! My books are my babies. I can't imagine getting rid of any of them. I'd cry. ha So much inspiration.

Some of my favorites are Renee Mullins, Pat Olsen, Rose Calton (she does cows!), John Sliney, Gaye Shoell, Nancy Wood, Gail Eads, Vicki Sherman, and Sandy Holman. I'm sure I could keep going and going. I like some of the other ones Luvs mentioned too like Susan Fouts, Laurie Speltz.

Hobby Lobby had a pretty good selection of books last time I was there, but they are soooo expensive anymore. That's why I'm so happy when I find them at the TS for 25 cents.ha And I'm even happier when I can find a book and the cutouts that go with it for under $1! ha Has happened quite a few times.
Luvs~ You are so sweet to pass yours on to your painting friend. I'm sure she appreciates them and loves them!! ;D

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Just thought of another one that I like...Kim Christmas! AS soon as I post this I'm sure another one will pop into my head. ha ~Anj

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I'm a book junkie too and continue to buy them even though I ran out of room a long time ago. LOL I do love to look through them for ideas and inspiration.
I have too many faves to name but some of mine are Pat Olsen, Laurie Speltz, Debbie Toews, Roberta Hall, Brenda Harris, Priscilla Hauser, Nancy Dale Kinney, Barbara Baatz, Ros Stallcup, John Sliney, Debby Forshey, Carol Forsyth, Connie Parkinson, Laurie Paillex, Faith Rollins, Diane Trierweiler, Kerry Trout, Willow, John Gutcher, Dale Everett, Bill DeLoach, Susan Schewee Brown, Charlene Barlow, and I have to add Bob Ross (yes, Bob Ross.) And that's just a small fraction of my list.
I too could never imagine parting with my books. They bring me so much joy just looking through them. :-)

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How could I forget Chris Thornton? :) ~Anj

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Just last night, I was thinking of more too. We are so blessed to have so many talented artists designs to work with aren't we?

Kraftymom listed some I'm not familiar with, so will have to try to look some of them up in my spare time.

We all seem to like some of the same ones, which is interesting since there are so many styles represented.

Kraftymom, I used to love it when I would see Bob Ross painting on television. Just amazing to watch.

I totally understand how you all feel about not parting with any of your books--I've always felt that way too. But every winter I usually end up going through most all of my books marking patterns I hope to do in the New Year. Usually I get a fraction of those completed each year. This year, perhaps because DH is retiring or because I realize I'm getting older, I sort of looked at them in a new way. Some I realized that I had already painted the projects I wanted and no longer needed. Some I had been given or picked up at TS and there wasn't anything in them I "needed" to do. Decided it was time to pass a few on to a younger painter in hopes that she would find projects that excited her in them. Sharing something you have enjoyed with a friend is also a wonderful "high"! ;o)

Besides, now I have a little more room so I can get to the remaining ones so much easier! LOL And not to worry, I still have lots, and waaaay more projects than I will ever complete in my lifetime! LOL


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"I still have lots, and waaaay more projects than I will ever complete in my lifetime! LOL"

Somehow Luvs I have that feeling you are not alone in that thought. LOL

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Amen!! ha

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Anjabee - one of my fave's is Gaye Shoell. One of her books that I am trying to find has a ghost holding a sign saying "Boo" with candy corn on other side of the sign, he is wearing a hat and has a silly smile. I have the tracing but was stilly and didn't but the book title on it. If I have the title I might be able to find the book. When you are lookin at your book and you come across it would you please be kind enough to post it here? Thanks!


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Claudia...The closest one I've seen to what you are describing is her Fall Holidaze book. Maybe the pictures in the link below will help you remember if it's the one. The only other ghost one I've seen is in Wood'n'Holidaze 3, but he's wearing glasses and no hat and is behind a tombstone that says Boo and in Wood'n'Holidaze 4 there is "Fred E Stare" ghost with a hat holding a sign that says Enter if you Dare and he's surrounded by pumpkins.
Hope that helps some. Here is another link to some ebay listings for some of her books that you may be interested in.


I'll keep my eyes open for the one you mentioned. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Holidaze on Ebay

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