Havent posted here in a while...

wackyweederFebruary 18, 2009

I always check in, but I have been lazy. here are some things

I did recently. Lets see if I remember how to do this....

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I haven't posted here much lately either. Gonna just have to retire so I can do this full time! :)
The top two are nice (skull is amazing!) but I LOVE your bird picture!!! The colors are so lovely.. and the little birds just seem to twitter on the screen! You've certainly brought life to them!

Love the little notes, too! :)

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Really nice work. Love them all especially the birds!

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Very nice work. The pic of birds is so serene. I agree, you can almost hear them twitter.

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And I have thoroughly missed seeing you here, WACKY. Your work is so interesting and unique. That's some kind of WACKY skull. The birds - ah so sweet, and the broken heart - is that a coaster? Nice.

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Well Thank Yall. Slow its a candle plate, they make the cutest little suncatchers!

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I keep forgetting to post how much I like this stuff!!! Just been drooling and looking! Good Job!!! I'm real partial to chickadees!!!

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