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anjabeeMay 21, 2008

I asked Luvs the other day what pink shades she uses the most so that I can build up my pink selection a little more. I thought I'd start this discussion and let everyone chime in on their favorites in each color group. I know it may be hard to choose just a few, but let us know what paint colors you use the most. I think this might help some of the newbies who are trying to start their paint collections and me as well. I know some of you have massive collections so you've tried way more shades than I have. I'll start. Most of mine are Delta.

Blue~ Dark Night Blue

Red~ Barn Red

Orange~ Terra Cotta

Yellow~ Straw

Green~ Med Foilage Green

Brown~ Spice Brown or Raw Sienna

Pink~ Rose Pink

Purple~ Dusty Purple

Tan~ Maple Sugar Tan

White~ Antique White

Grey~ Bridgeport Grey (lite) or Paynes Grey (dark)

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Gosh Anj, there are just so many pretty paints available. It's hard to choose just one favorite of each color. When I first started painting, I thought I had to buy whatever brand and color the pattern book listed. Needless to say, each artist had their own favorites, so it was a bit hard for me to go buy another blue when I had one I already liked. The light finally dawned on me that I could substitute my own color choices to match my decor and preferences--I didn't have to do my project exactly like the one in the book! Duh! That saved me allot of money by not buying so many bottles of paint. I do have some favorites that I buy again and again. Most of mine are Folkart brand.

Blue-Light Periwinkle
Red-Barnyard Red and Lipstick Red
Orange-Autumn Leaves
Yellow- Lemonade
Brown-Spice Brown
Pink-Berry Wine and Baby Pink
Purple-Dioxazine Purple
Tan-Chocolate Parfait
White-Wicker White
Grey-Barn Wood

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