what happened to my last post???

paintingfoolMay 24, 2009

I don't see it on the forum so I must not have pressed publish. Well, I am almost finished taking pics of the books. I have a few more and then I will post by end of day on the exchange side.

Here is a tray I painted several years ago with Bobbie Campbell. I like her technique where she uses mop brushes to blend highlights and shading - like the cheeks on the reindeer, the highlight on Santas fur, and the center of the face of snowman. Actually, now that I am looking at him he is awful dark around the edges, I may have to lighten him up a bit.

I am finding more and more stuff as I clean up.

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Hi Bebe, don't you hate it when you click on preview then forget to click on submit? I've done that to myself I don't know how many times!

You know what I like most about your tray aside from how well you do beards? I love the pretty border you put all around it. Did you just do stroke leaves on it? Makes such a nice frame for the three little winter friends.


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Hi Luvs, enjoying yourself? Have a good time with the hubby but be careful.

The border leaves are done with a filbert (cat's tongue) brush. I double loaded it with Light Avocado and white for the lighter leaves and then just made one stroke. The darker leaves are Dark Green and Light Avocado on a small flat brush, double loaded. Then doing similar to Donna D, two stokes to make the leaf, keeping the lighter color to the outside. The vine is just line work. The dots are made by dipping the end of the paint brush in red, and I probably shaded with a darker red and highlighted with orange (not really sure if I did that or not.)

thanks and talk to you later,

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That is really a cute design Bebe. I love those little faces. And Luvs is sooooo right, great beard on the Santa. I like the border too, it frames everything so nicely. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Painting,


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Thanks Luvs and Diane, now that I am looking at the photo I think I should have dusted it first before taking the photo!! I told yall I was cleaning and as you can see it really needed it.

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Ha Bebe....wouldn't have noticed those dust prints if you wouldn't have pointed them out. I see ya'll are all hanging out over here on Discussions. I don't come over here every time I visit the forum, but looks like I need to. Very cute tray. I too love the border and the gold trimming on the edges as well. Finishes it off perfectly. =) ~Anj

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Bebe.....you sure know how to make a body smile! This is one great tray! Everything about it is great! Dust...what dust? I was to busy looking at the border, the reindeer, the beard and .....and......and


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this one's so cute bebe :)) the santa's beard is especially wicked! and the reindeer's cheeks and lips look so.. kissable?! see... now you can paint one less for this year's christmas! spring cleaning is good!!

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Your tray is adorable. Thanks so much for posting all your projects for us to enjoy. I won'te be painting for quite awhile so it's great to see others still posting. Punk

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