Before-n-after Pics

idie2liveAugust 13, 2010

What do you all think about posting a few before and after pictures of our projects on the discussion side after they are finished? That way we can enjoy the step-by-step process on this side, then go to discussions and see a few pics of the start and finish. Yes? No? Just a thought, if you have time or interest.

I started us off with pics of a small project from last fall. I'm going to post a couple of before and afters of the porch also. The kitchen, unfortunately is still not 'ready for a closeup', lol. But I got a terrific idea from Nancy's kitchen reno. Thanks Nancy and Martia!

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I meant to put this in discussions - I keep getting the names confused. I'll repost it there so everyone will see it.

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Loretta, are you saying your kitchen is not ready for prime time? hehehe

Well, I am totally confused. I think this is the DISCUSSION side, and the pink background place is the CONVERSATION side. We do have available both places. Are both places covered in the SEARCH function? So we could find them again?

I frequently stray off topic even with the best of intentions. Now, could you say that again? I will go check the "other side" to see what is there. Thanks for priming the pump with your before/after pictures.

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Where is the "conversation" side?

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When you are on the main page of the Smaller Homes forum, the one that lists all of the topic lines, there is a heading that in black print says "Messages". To the right of that is "On Topic Discussions" and words in brackets [switch to: conversations]. If you click on the word "conversations," you see a pink background on a listing of topics and the black heading now reads. "Off-Topic Conversations." Chat here about anything you like!

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Here you go Kiki. Click on link to the conversation side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Conversation Side

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