secondwifeMarch 9, 2009

i tried posting over the weekend, but i dont know what happen to it. no big deal...ill get it figgered out.

just to tell a bit about myself...

i am a custodial step mom of 4, i have 3 bio kids, and we have one adopted between us. most of those kids have grown up and moved on with their own lives...there are still 3 under 18 living at home.

its been a rocky road for the past 14 yrs. my ex, and his ex both removed themselves from our kids lives...i would say i am close to all the kids then dh is...i spent a lot of the formative raising them alone because of his work obligations.

both absent parents have been located this year. this has not had any major impacts on either set of kids...although i am concerned about one of my SD's. she has always had a hard time with it.

anyway...i wont go into my story in this one would take hours...been doing this a long time...just glad to meet y'all

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welcome to the 'gang' - we're glad to have you. I'm sure you will have wise words to share with all that experience!

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