A Few Projects To Share

phonegirlMay 24, 2009

Some projects I've painted in the past. Hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Since I haven't posted my Daily Bread Tray like Luvs painted I'll post that one also.

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All very nice projects Punk. Love your tray, really like how you did the shading and hiliting on the letters, and your leaves are always so good. Luvs

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Punk, I just love the tray especially the lettering. I am trying to do more with lettering but I am so impatient that I don't like to trace them so I sometimes end up with letters that are two close or on an angle. Yours looks great.

Don't you just hate it when the camera flash makes a shiney spot on you pic? I usually forget to take a picture before I varnish.

Got another grandchild over for a while - she is at the table painting frog and turtle cutouts. I don't think I am ever going to finish cleaning -

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Punk, great job on all your projects. I especially love the tray. I too have to comment on the lettering, you did a great job. I am not good at that, even when I trace.

Bebe, enjoy those granchildren while you can...cleaning can wait, the grandchilren grow up way too quickly.

Happy Painting,


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Thanks Everyone for the comments on my tray. I have so many fall decorations that I thought I would add this to my decorations this year. I bought this book because of this pattern and didn't get motivated until I seen Luvs.

The lettering is to light so I had to go back and repaint so it wasn't a normal paint job. I wonder what Luvs thought of this lettering. I don't always do well following the lines. I kinda make my own and shade and highlight to my liking. Punk

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What cute projects. Love your trompe l'oeil plate. Makes me want a homemade blueberry pie! ha The tray is very nice too. You did a great job on it and will make a nice addition to your fall decor. =) ~Anj

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Anj, Thanks, my trompe l'oeil pie is painted on a stool. I also painted a cherry pie just like it on a stool and they sit beside one of my china hutches. I should of taken the picture from the bottom of it instead of the side and the legs would of probably shown. LOLPunk

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Oops. ha I was looking at the painting and not what it was painted on. ha I bet the stools look very good together. From that angle it looked like the floor was the countertop. ha ~Anj

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Punk....how diverse your projects are....but all are just plain great! I also thought that the pie was on a round board until I took a second look. But the best is the tray, I just love anything fall. Your lettering is great.

When I need to do really "pretty" lettering I take a lesson from my childhood and outline each letter before filling in the centers, just like I used to do with crayons. Might not work for anyone else, but it does for me.


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wow punk!! you've been busy! they are all beautiful but i also like the tray very much! i love the way you painted the leaves... the shades are gorgeous. and your shading on your leaves and acorns, and wood graining (the sides of the tray) is just perfect!

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Thanks Belle and Luthien for your comments. I used a flat brush for the lettering and then shaded with the white and dark. Wish I would of started with a darker brown but didn't want to try to redo. lol I can see where outlining first would work if your using a small brush. Thanks for the tip.

I can't believe how long it's been since I was on here. Guess the saying Time Flys When Your Having Fun Is Right.


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