Where to buy scrap stained glass?

christi508February 16, 2010

I want to mosaic my bathroom counters...I think I want to use scrap stained glass as I don't really want a uniform tile look..where do you order online? I have used regular bathroom tiles and cut them with my nippers..would I be able to use them on stained glass or would I have to score it somehow? Thanks for always having the answers!

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I usually buy it locally, at stained glass stores. There are three or four here in Austin. Just ask for the scrap. It is economical and perfect for mosaic. If your area doesn't have a stained glass shop, then I would buy on eBay; just type in 'stained glass scrap,' and you will have a great choice; unfortunately, the shipping adds so much to the cost. You can also try Craigs List; sometimes people sell it there. The best nippers for stained glass are wheeled nippers, brand name Lipponit, you can buy them locally also or on line.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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alot of people have gotton a good deal on their local Craigs list

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I bought buckets and buckets from a local guy here. His business is a stained glass window refurbisher. so he fixes church windows and makes new ones. maybe there is such a place where you live. i have enough for the rest of my life. he sold me some for 20 each and then ended up giving me some for free.

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Where do you live?

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i live in hampton roads VA

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There are several places on line that you can buy small glass pieces (bigger than frit but smaller than scrap) which many concrete counter makers use to "fancy" up their counters. It is not sharp and you can buy it by the pound. I used to have the info on a couple I will look for the links if that is helpful.

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Mosaics by Maria online sells offcuts and bits n pieces for a good price. If you purchase $75 or more shipping is free... believe me it's easy to get up to $75 in no time...

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