Guest/sewing room complete

mrsmarvAugust 18, 2006

Well, I *finally* got off my duff and took pics of our remodeled guest/sewing/craft room. DH chose the paint color (Behr's "Smokey Blue"), which I have decided that I absolutely love. We also painted the adjoining office in the same color. Normally, I am not a lover of blue, but this one has me gaga (disclaimer: it's more Federal slate blue in person). I ordered the window valance and (below the desk) storage area tapestry material from the House of Fabrics on-line. I found the upholstery material for the futon cover for $1.00 a yard, so it cost me less than $6.00 to make (including zipper and notions). The shelf above the closet has storage boxes that hold supplies (canvas covered boxes from Wal Mart). We needed more desk space/work space area, so I built the desk area under the window, which also houses storage behind curtains beneath. You can't see it in the pics, bu the wall to the left of the desk (exterior closet wall) has a Homosote canvas-covered bulletin board that I made to fit the area. It goes from the top of the desk to almost the ceiling, and from the front of the desk to the rear wall. We moved the antique chest from the living room in there for extra storage (and ambiance), and made a reading area next to it. The cream-colored chair is a roadside find which I painted, re-cushioned, and covered. I have a portable sewing table that folds up and is stored in the closet. The oil painting was done by my dad when he lived and studied in France during the 1920's, and the framed black and white prints are from some of his compatriots in the WPA.

Desk/work area

Sitting area...

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Mrs. I love Blue so I am really gaahh gahhh over your room everything is so well tought out and accomplished you and dh make a great team!!
TY so much for sharing and your DDad is a great artist.

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Love it! You did a great job! I like simple valances like yours. I'm about ready to make a few myself. And how cool that you have the painting from your Dad. : )

How was ordering from HOF online? Do you have a link to share with this fabrioholic? ; )


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Pretty color combination and great use of space with the shelves and desk.

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Thank you for the compliments RaNae and Diana ;o) It *is* really cool having my dad's artwork throughout the house. We have some in almost every room.
Painting is always a daunting task, especially in a smaller house. It seems there's never enough room to relocate everything while I'm painting.

Diana ~ I've supplied the link to House of Fabric below

Here is a link that might be useful: House of Fabric

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mrsmarv...add me to the list of admirers!! I LOVE blues of all shades. And we also have a rocking chair in our 'office''s a nice touch, isn't it?
Well done!

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That is a lovely blue indeed. We have MIL 1.0's artwork throughout our home and it is nice to have that personal relationship with the pieces.

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krustytop ~ DH picked out the colors...I was hesitant at first (no, no, no!...I don't *like* blue), but he really picked a winner. And I'm learning to compromise, much to my delight in this case!

janengland ~ The rocking chair gives the room a relaxing feel. I want overnight/weekend guests to feel at home. And there's actually room for their things in the closet ;o)

Mari ~ I'd love to see pics of your family pics?

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The blue you chose is beautiful.

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I love the blue---very nice choice! That chest is also beautiful, and I love that you included your father's painting.

Great job! I always love seeing pics of your home :)

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Beautiful! I may have to visit your house for color information since I love every color you choose! LOL!

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Mrsmarv, I love your guest room and what a great sewing nook. My mother is an artist and I've gotten quite a number of her paintings. She loves Southwest art so that's what she mostly paints and it doesn't actually go with my decor but I've incorporated it in my guest room, too. Which is my sewing room also.
Marilyn in NM

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What a lot of thought you've put into this project!!! It shows!!! Great sewing/guest room.
My sewing room is my kitchen table. Not very comfortable at dinnertime. I'm thinking of reworking the den or spare room but it has to be able to be hidden like yours. Great use of fabric on your windows and table skirt.


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You've done a lovely job and I love that color of blue.


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Thanks for the link! I can see I'm going to be spending a bit of time there. Great - as if my computer chair doesn't already have a permanent imprint of my tush. lol!

Georgeanne, you NEED your own space! Tell hubby you're gonna take over his barn if you don't get it. Or did you do this already? : )))

Check out this link for ideas.


Here is a link that might be useful: sewing rooms

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