room divider: anyone like this one?

kitchennovice44August 7, 2011

Does anyone like this bamboo plant as a possible divider for a front door that opens directly into house? My small dining area is to the right as soon as you walk in my front door. I have about 10" of width to put a plant or something else that will separate the DR a bit from the entrance. Since this is completely open (vs solid-wood room divider or bookcase) thinking it won't block off tiny entry or make it feel so claustrophobic. I have contemporary - but not ultra-modern decor. Does anyone think this might work?

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I was going to say I didn't like it, but after going back and looking at your photos, it would probably work for you. I'd like something a little less stark to soften up all the lines you already have going there though, the tile grout lines, the wall corners, etc.

For others who may not have seen your other post, I'm going to link to it so they can see your photos.

kitchennovice44's original post

and a clickable link to the wall divider.

bamboo tree screen

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First read through the post Marti linked to " Marti8a: would love floor to ceiling columns, but think it's out of my budget"
Now this might sound weird but you can make your own columns for almost nothing. You can get the long cardboard tubes vinyl comes rolled on and paint them. Add a built up wooden top and bottom using stock wood plywood and molding. Not sure how to mount them but if you get this far I am sure you can figure it out. The cardboard tubes painted will look just like wood. If you want them to look like stone or stucco wrap them with rigid wrap, cast material from craft store,and then cover them with wall mud. This would be such a fun project. The tubes are free. LOL Just about talked myself into doing some for here.

That screen can be made for way less money. I am not a fan of it.

A hanging fabric screen would hang correctly if you cut the correct angle in the top and flat bottom.Might need a weighted rod in the bottom.

You have a really pretty entry.

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Well, I have lots of really tall bamboo on our river lots, and they are about 1.5" or 2 inch diameter corms. I've thought about digging some of the new shoots up to pot and keep at this house. They are not the kind which spreads, they are clumpers, and I love the look of them bare or with leaves.

Not knowing how stylish you wish your entry to be, I cannot say try to make something. But a low cost planter box from a big box store, filled with plaster of paris and some coloring to give it the right tone, and then stick some bamboo in it.....available from Pier One if not onhand in your yard. For that matter, some nice long branches off your own trees could work.

I'm looking at the price tag for the Laura Ashley brand name to be stuck on it. Wow. But I do like the idea, it would work in a mid century style, a modern style, and probably anything eclectic but just not traditional.

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shades_of_idaho and give me WAY too much credit. You don't want to see what my DIY efforts would yield! I'm definitely not "crafty"....the thought of me building columns or bamboo room dividers that could actually look good as decor is pretty funny. But your ideas are good ones. I would just need to fork over the cash to let someone else make those great ideas come to life!

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Are you thinking of the bare bamboo stalks on the left or the leafy ones on the right? I like the leafy ones WAY better for your space. It breaks up the sound and the plain 'solid-ness' of all tht tile and funiture.

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you could get a gigantic pot and put long stemmed stuff in it - check Michael's out. They have lots of those long stemmed 'things'. some are spirals - and mix 'em up. get a pot a few ft high to start. you could even set that on a slab of something to add height to it.

my sister has some of these - with tall grassy type stuff mixed in.

you can also get pillars in styrofoam? or some kind of plastic or resin. they've used those on the diy shows.

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nancy_in_mich: I love the leafy one! But it's too wide for my space :( I'm honestly not crazy about the bare bamboo: it's perfect space-wise, but I know in my heart it doesn't really fit looks-wise for this home/decor: just wanted others' opinions in case I was off-base for some reason and people felt it would really look good. Sounds like everyone is confirming my initial feeling!

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