First mosaic - HELP!

laurasthemeFebruary 25, 2009

I purchased a birdhouse at a TS and mosaiced the front with broken glass tumbled in my rock polisher to smooth the edges. How do you apply the grout? I tried applying it with my fingers, but it just looked globbed on. The pieces of glass are varying thicknesses so that made it harder to even out the grout. Also some of the pieces have a bumpy surface. The grout got into the crevices of the bumps and I couldn't get it out. This is my first try so I know NOTHING!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well it's just darlin'. Good job. When I can't get the grout out of crevices, I use a toothbrush while it is soft. After it hardens a bit, it might need a little wire brush or any tool that can dig it out. I use my gloved fingers to apply grout, then take a dry sponge to smoosh it into the crevices. NOTHING I do is of the same texture, therefore there's all different heights, bumps, whatever. Good for you for diving in for the first time. Keep it up - practice, practice, practice. Doubt I have to tell you that, cuz most first timers are hooked immediately, as was I.

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Did you use unsanded grout? It is waaayyy yukkier(is that a real word?) than sanded grout. And it just takes practice to get the grouting and glueing just right. You want just enough glue to hold the pc and not have grout come under the pc, yet not too much glue that you don't have room for grout. We call it "bleeding" behind the tesserae.I only use sanded grout as it is sooo much nicer to work with. Way to jump in and git-er done!!! So What's your next project gonna be???

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Thanks to both of you. Every little will help. I don't know if I used unsanded grout or not. I got it at Michaels and I thought grout was just grout. My next project?? I don't know yet. I've started to glue glass pieces on a glass mushroom. Maybe I'll have better luck with that. What do you use to color grout? Is there a grout coloring product?
By the way, I met a woman in a TS a few weeks ago. She uses stained glass in stepping stones. Somebody gave her boxes of stained glass pieces. She told me she'll share with me. She lives about 70 miles from me, but I'm going to try to get together with her next month. I'm going to give her one of my garden art pieces in exchange. Sometimes it pays to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

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Do it all the time - talk to strangers. I was shopping for beads to (send Sam at the Hacienda in P.V.)in Hobby Lobby last week. Some toe-tapping country music came on, and I lightly said "yeeeeehaw". The lady who was nearby said nothing. When I rounded the corner to the next aisle, the lady stocking the shelves asked if it were I who said yeeehaw. We had the nicest conversation thereafter, and I was lamenting the fact that the metal beads weren't on sale until next week, and she gave me a 40% coupon she pulled out of her pocket. Some are friendly and some arent. O, where was I - DON'T buy grout at Michaels - get it from Lowes - much cheaper.

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Forgot to tell you to Google for pigments on-line for coloring grout. Lowes has some colors in liquid, but not a lot. If you have a local tile store, check w/them. Maryland Mosaics (I THINK) has some also.

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Ya, the grout at Micheles is non sanded...muck in my opinion. I can't believe you didn't dance your way to the till, Slow!!! Where you moseying along ...oh, pardon me, sashaying? I know! Buh-less My Heart!!!!

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You crazy woman, CALAM!!!!!!!!!! LAURA - I shouldn't scold cuz I started mosaicing w/Hobby Lobby tesserae, adhesives and grout, but quickly learned that cutting my own glass was the way to go economically. HobLob has glass on sale periodically, and some of the tools to work with it. Check them out.

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Slow and calam you 2 are crazy!!!! LOL!!!!! Laura good for U for jumping in there. But if you can find someone who knows what thier doing to show you that would be great!!!!! I wasted a lot of time, and projects when I first started. And yes sanded grout is the way to go. Go see that person and get all the pointers you can.. And your birdhouse looks great!! Good luck!! Slow I was singing along with the music the other day while in town and a little girl came up to me and ask if she could sing with me!!! (Country was playing) Didn't realize I was singing that loud!!! Later, Cathy

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