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luvstocraftMay 4, 2010

Painted up this happy little bee sign to hang on my lamp post out front. It's an Annie Lang design from one of her books that I've had forever but haven't used until now.

I haven't sealed it yet and I think I will do a bit of shading on the flowers and around the edges before I do. In the book, it was painted on a potholder so didn't need all that--but I do! LOL Hope it makes you smile. Luvs

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pezabelle can you look at him and not "bee happy!" He will shine on you lamp post. He looks so happy...

Some 10 odd years ago I used this guy to painted 5 decorative bottles for my DD as a Christmas gift, they still lived in Michigan. The package got "lost in the mail" and made it to Florida before end where it started from, my home. One jar was broken and the PO paid $25.00 for it and my DD got her 4 piece gift late. She still has then out on her kitchen counter. In fact she has more of my paintings than I do.

Thank you for sharing and bringing a smile to me this morning!


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Belle, I've had that book that long or longer and this is the first time I've painted a project out of it! Talk about procrastination! LOL I had to have it because the little bees just looked so happy and fun. Little GD is scared of bees so I wanted to show her they can be cute too!


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"Just Be Happy" is the way it should be and now I will go to work and forget about the rian and "Just Bee Happy".

Funny Belle, that your daughter has the same Bugs around on jars. I've always like Annie Lang creations.


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So cute. I don't have any of Annie Lang books but I know her work. She paints the cutest things. I can't tell you how many books I have that I have never painted from. But I do like looking at them no matter how old they get.

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I understand totally Bebe, I feel the same way. And each time I go through them again--I usually find something else I missed the first time. (Or maybe my "tastes" are constantly changing and now things appeal to me that I wasn't into before.)

I just love to walk into the library store or a thrift store and find painting books or magazines--doesn't matter that I have more patterns now than I can ever use, my heart just beats faster and it is such a moment of joy!

Anj got to do that recently when she rean across a "boatload" of books for 25 cents each--have you looked at them all Anj?

There used to be several painting places in this area, and I just know those gals are getting older and will be parting with all their books and magazines one of these days! Just hope I'm lucky enough to come along right after they do. ;o)


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