Am I having computer problems?

luvstocraftMay 3, 2007

Gosh, when I try to reply to a message here, it is sooo slow. Is it my computer or is the forum slow again? I know I am so impatient. Luvs

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Mine's ok Luvs, besides the usual ivillage crap that floats across every now and then. Hope you aren't having problems. Have you tried any other sites to see if it's doing the same thing? ~Anj

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Is it only this forum? Also the age old questions: Have you done a Disk Cleanup and defrag lately? Have you cleaned out your cookies? That sometimes helps.
I haven't noticed any GW slowdown today.

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I was having the darnest time with the forum posts opening up and then closing down my AOL. Seemed it was taking forever to close down. I did a Live Chat with an AOL rep and was told it could be that since I opened so many pics in emails and other stuff, that they were being saved in my "offline storage" area. I was told to open AOL but not sign on, go to "Settings" in the AOL menu bar, then to "Offline Storage" and reduce the amount of space from "60" to "35" and then go to "File" and "Exit" the program (not just "X" it down). Next step was to reopen AOL, again not sign on, again go to "Offline Storage" and reset the storage space to "60" - again close down using the "File" and "Exit" buttons. After that my AOL opened quicker, forum pages opened quicker, etc.

Luvs, it could also be a "music program" that may have been an attachment to an email (without you knowing about it). I had this happen months ago also. When I chose to "Shut Off" a screen would pop up saying this so-called music program was closing down - it was "in the background" so to speak. I did a technical search and found others in the computer world had this same music program problem when shutting down. The solution was to go into your "Programs" and literally "delete" that music program.

Maybe doing some of the above will help you but I will agree doing a disk cleanup and Defragmentation of your computer will get rid of things you think you deleted completely but are actually still stored on your computer. A defrag will get rid of those deleted files and temp files, etc. and give you more space on your computer.

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Thanks for all your help Anj, Minnie, and Sal. Turns out that it is our local Internet service having problems. We were without service for over three hours today. That's twice this week. Let's hope they get it figured out this time. It was almost better when it was completely down than when it was working so slow--made me remember the old dial up days! LOL I'll keep all your suggestions in mine in case I have problems in the future. Luvs

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