Roman shades and 1/2 curtains?

bobbie46July 9, 2014

I have three windows which would look better with a half curtain because they will conceal an ugly air-conditioner and give us privacy in the dressing area/bathroom. I want to add a Roman shade in the same material to control the blistering sun when it's coming through. A good idea or odd?
Also fabric suggestions please. I'm using an off white linen or linen blend. Big windows in the bedroom require about 50 yard. Heavy linen available for $25 a yard, a blend available for $16 a yard. Lined and possibly interlined. 104" long.
Suggestions please.

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I've done that--I liked it....

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Annie Deighnaugh

I suppose you can...usually the sheer fabric would be different than the fabric on the blind. Also the blind most likely will drop down to the sheer only...otherwise it can get stuck on the rod or tangled up with the strings on the back side.

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Elraes Miller

I still love half curtains and have them in the bedroom. No shades though, so am not much help.

Annie, why do you suggest a different color? As above, no ideas.

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Elraes Miller

Thanks Annie. I didn't notice the blinds were outside mounted, which makes sense.

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Thanks vedazu and Annie. That's helpful. The outside mount makes sense. Also, the sheers rather than the same fabric as the curtains. Any suggestions on the weight or fiber content of the long curtains. I'll post a picture later today.

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Cafe's don't need to be sheer.? If you're having these made (or making them yourself), they can be the same fabric as the Roman's, especially if you need the fabric to conceal an air and for privacy. Sheers will do neither.
You could have the Roman's inside mount and just lower them to the top of the cafe's, if you want. Just to let you know there are other options.
As for the linen fabric, well the pure linen will wrinkle, shrink and/or stretch. The linen blend will do much better.

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Thank you so much "shadylady2u". I wondered about the right percentage of linen/Cotten/other.
That was helpful.

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Annie, are those yours? I have been searching forever for those tiers, the way they hang, including the material. I cannot find any that are pre-made.

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I have outside mount Romans with blackout lining in my bedroom. They are pulled up all day. I have roller shades behind them. I pull down the roller shades for privacy, but they do allow light to filter through. At night I lower the Romans for darkness. Would that work for you?

I like Annie's example.

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Annie Deighnaugh

No, those are not mine. In my kitchen I just have what is called a "mock hobbled roman shade". Mock because it's just a valance and doesn't move. Roman because it is folded like a roman shade and hobbled because the folds don't stack but are revealed. I made them myself.

Bobbie, A lot of your decision should be around light control. If you do a linen and you want room darkening, you will have to have it with a black out liner which can change the texture and hand of the fabric. I agree with shadylady that real linen is not an optimal fabric for your application.

I'm a fan of valances that hide room darkening shades underneath which can be pulled down to completely cover the window or disappear during the day to let the light in. You can certainly do a valance that looks like roman blinds. It will also save you a lot in fabric purchase.

However, if you don't need room darkening but just light tempering, then a linen like or light weight fabric may work for you. At the old house, I made cloud shades for a bedroom out of an unlined loose-weave fabric that I used for light control...but had roller shades underneath for room darkening and privacy.

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Thank you oaklyok, dedtired, Annie and all who posted earlier. I've bought the linen blend and am having the full length curtains made with blackout lining and interlining. I put up temporary 1/2 curtains and did not like not seeing the grass outside (windows go to floor). Am still pondering the dressing area but think if I finish the bedroom first, my mind will be a bit freer. Posted a query on lining a few minutes ago if you have time to weigh in. Thanks again. This is an incredibily generous site!

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