Wooden sawblade and tiny landscapes

dianecraftsMay 20, 2009

Here are a couple more pictures of some class projects. We painted on these wooden sawblades sometime last fall/winter. It was really a lot of fun and everyone's was different, some due to the texture of the wood and the way the paint soaked in (even though we sealed them) and some just by artistic "license". My friend decided she wanted "Molly" to be a black lady and she gave her a kitty standing beside her, some people had less grass in the foreground and more clothes drying on the ground and everyone's quilts were different.

The name of this design is called "Aunt Molly's Wash Day"

Here are two tiny paintings from Priscilla Hauser's book called "Painting Tiny Landscapes" (I think) These are done on 4x6 canvas boards but some of the ladies did theirs on the tiny stretched canvas (which is how they are shown in the book) so the painting "wraps" around the canvas and is really cool looking. Those canvases are kind of expensive and several of us decided to try them on the boards but I think I would like to try the stretched canvas next time.

I'm not sure what the winter tree scene is called but the seacape is called "After the Storm" there is also one called "Before the Storm" with lots of clouds and a darker sky. I feel this is FL since I know that Priscilla had a studio in Pananma City Beach, but some people in my class think it looks like Cape Cod (do they have Sea Oats on the Cape??). My sand was whiter than theirs also (so was Priscilla's)..just habit and preference :)

Sorry to be so wordy, but as you get get to know me you will know that I am notorious for my "novels". You can just skip the "words" and look at the pictures if you like...it won't hurt my feelings :)

Happy Painting,


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Diane, I don't know if they have seaoats up north but we sure do down here on the Gulf Coast. Did you go to Priscilla's by the Sea? I took a class from her about 23 years ago and she was a member of our chapter for a while but I don't know if she still has the place in Destin.

Love the little scene on the saw blades. I never have painted on a blade before but I am trying different surfaces now.

Glad to see you posting pics. And I don't mind the novels since I am a talker myself.


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Very nice Diane!

I have that book (and many others) by Priscilla Hauser. She is one of my favorite decoarative artists.

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Thanks B. No I never did get to Priscilla's Studio by the Sea. I so wanted to go though...it was my dream. I know she is now back "home" in Arkansas. I know she got flooded out of FL in I think 2006 (not quite sure of the year) and I don't know if she still has a place there but I don't think she has a studio there.

I paint on anything that doesn't move too fast :)and I collect all kinds of painting surfaces...I have more surfaces than I'll ever be able to paint on. The saws we are starting on tonight I donated because I knew I would never be able to paint on all the ones I had(the guy at our local dump collected them for me for a long time...but he passed away and now we have a grumpy dump guy that isn't so nice about letting us take stuff or saving stuff. We're trying to teach him the "good" painting surfaces LOL) I am starting to let go of some of the stuff I have though...it's starting to take over my house :(

Thank you kraftymom. The thing about these 2 paintings is we didn't really need a pattern we just kind of looked at the picture and winged it, a true accomplishment for me since I'm such a "color book" painter. I like Priscilla Hauser too. The teacher has this book and I really like it. I've looked at it online a gazillion times. I'm sure I'll end up buying it.

Happy Painting,


Happy Painting,


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Evening Gals,

This is so fun to come here and have pics to look at. The wash day reminds me of my DG, with apron on and hanging the laundry out to dry. I love seeing the pot steaming in the back. What is the green spot behind her? I'm having a blonde moment and need help with that one. haha

You have three great projects here and thanks again for posting for us to enjoy. The other two scenes are also very nicely done. We like to yak so please feel at home telling us about your projects and know that we enjoy reading your "novels." If I had more time, I'd write more also.

I have several of Pricilla's books but don't think I have that one. I'll have to go take a look at this book sometime. I think most of mine are flowers for the most part.


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Punk, I had to laugh because I was wondering the same thing about the little green dot. Then after looking at it for so long, I remembered saws have a hole in the middle - it was one of those -DUH!! moments. I think we just have so much stuff in our heads we don't always see what is right before our eyes.

I have a few pics to post tomorrow, today I am tired so I am off to bed. Have been baby-sitting my GD the past two days. She is three and she tells me she wants to paint. I bought them the little watercolor sets for kids but you can't fool them, they want the acrylic in the bottle. She was so cute, she would paint then wash her brush in the water then blot it. She has it down pretty good. She was so proud of her painting (on a wood round circle) when it was time to go she ran back to get it for Mommy and a little turtle (pink and purple with a little yellow) for her Dad. I am so glad my grownup children appreciate what the little ones do for them. My son has necklaces the kids have painted him in his golf cart, my daughter has "angels" her boys have painted and glued feathers and buttons all over hanging in her kitchen, and my daughter-in-law has the flowers my other GD painted in her office. They are always so proud of what the kids do - and I must say they get that artistic attitude from me.

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Thank you Punk, B is right the green "spot" is the whole where the saw blade attaches to the saw. It does look odd doesn't it but that is the background showing through.

Today I don't have much "yak" time as I need to get ready to go shopping with a friend. The Priscialla Hauser book the landscapes came from is a BIG book. I really am thinking about purchasing it.

B, isn't it funny how we have to study things sometimes to finally get it to dawn on us what we are really "seeing"?

I can't wait to see what you are going to show us. I love seeing what everyone is doing.

Aren't grandchildren fun? I miss mine so much. I only get to see them once or twice a year when I come down to visit, but they love to craft and paint with me and I love that time so much.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Happy Painting,


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Ya'll are crazy. ha I had to go back and see what green dot ya'll were looking at. Too funny. Ya'll know I'm just teasin ya, right?
Wouldn't have known the sawblade was wood if you hadn't said. Very cute little picture and I like the little landscapes too. It would be fun for everyone to paint the same thing and see how we all would do them differently. ha
Thanks for posting these. ~Anj

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Diane, I purchased some blank wood pieces last year thinking it would make a really cute Santa. The beard was all curly but I could not figure out what the big round thing was around Santa's head. When my friend came over I told her I was trying to come up with a sketch for the Santa's face but I didn't know what to do with the big thing above his head. She looked at me very strangely, then said, "Perhaps it would be easier if you turned him right side up - it is actually the bottom of a snowman - and the beard was the snowman's hat and little furry ball!!" It was one of those "DUH!!" moments. Now you have to imagine this snowman turned upside down - well, maybe it was just me, Hehe!

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LOL, Bebe, your story about the ornament just had me c
huckling out loud! Poor little snowman--no wonder he looks mad!

Diane, I like all three of your projects too, but especially the little scenes. I'm really liking the beach scenes you and Bebe are posting. I also really like lighthouse scenes even though I've never really painted any landscapes myself.


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Bebe, that is a funny story...and sounds like something I would do. Hee Hee. I can't tell you how many things I have tried to figure out what they are only to find out I had them upside down or sideways. I love that little snowman and I can see where the unpainted piece would be confusing unless it was marked as a snowman...maybe even then for me LOL

Thanks Luvs, I like lighthouse scenes too. I have one that I still need to finish that has a lighthouse in it. It's done on an old wooden tray and I really like it. It has mostly small what I call "fiddley" stuff to completle. There is a stripe arch across the piece with stars above it, then I need to put the "stars" on the flags, which are actually just dots in a circle because they are "Betsy Ross" type flags, and the last thing I think it needs is "smoke" coming out of the chimney's of the houses. This smoke is different than regular smoke it is straight lines, kind of like "rays" coming out of the chimney's and they go off in different directions; strange but true LOL. It wouldn't take that much time to complete if I just sat down and did it...I just keep putting it off. Thing is I really like that piece and should finish it.

Happy Painting,


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