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julie34August 24, 2006

In my house I have a galley kitchen. I have two french doors at the very end but those are the only windows in there. For anyone who doesnt have a window above their sink what did you put there? Right now I have tile, but Im thinking of changing it..Thank you!

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Julie, check out this thread on the kitchen gallery. You will get lots of inspiration. Also, check out the finished kitchens blog that starpooh put together. Again, lots of kitchen inspiration for anything you may want to do to yours. You should be able to find the link on the gallery.


Here is a link that might be useful: backsplash inspiration

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Here's the link to the finished kitchen blog. Hope it helps!


Here is a link that might be useful: finished kitchens blog

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Those links are incredible....tile/kitchens. We in smaller homes need to miniaturize the options...or for me personally, get a maid.

Julie, in my previous home (even with a window over the sink) I had the pot rack hanging there because the only other place available had a light fixture. It worked really well and visitors thought it a great idea rather than in the middle of the kitchen.

Are you getting rid of tile because it is "aged" or just due to not liking it? One of the ideas I have perused is using relief stencils. Link is here to the best ones found. They use spackling paste, paint over and then use a sealant against water/dirt. Still considering how I can use these, but kitchen was my first choice. With this process, if it didn't work it is like paint, can always change out and certainly not expensive.

Also, there are some well done...DIY tile rub-ons. The process has come a long way and hard to tell if they aren't really tile. Many artists are offering these with unique designs and murals. You can also make these on the computer using your own design or something that fits your style, special paper is available. A lot of the tile backsplashes seen are "fired" rub-on designs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stencil relief

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When I was in Italy I noticed that most sinks weren't under a window. Instead they were against a wall with a dishrack above. Very functional & pretty.

Another thing I was thinking about doing for my own kitchen was a tin backsplash. I like the interesting design and pattern and thought that it would provide some extra sparkle to spread the light around.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's some backsplash samples.

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My kitchen is windowless (old house, lots of additions), so I look for ways to borrow natural light from other rooms.

On the other side of the sink is the room the front door opens into, which I refer to as the "foyer". It was the original living room in a truly tiny house around which the various additions have accreted. It now serves as my office.

My daughter suggested I install a real window (not just an opening) over the sink that would then pick up light from the two windows flanking the front door. I love this idea, because it still maintains the separation between the rooms, while letting light (and a view of my front flower garden) into the kitchen.

Haven't done it yet, because other things have needed doing first, but the kitchen is next on the list. My backspash will be a combo of stone, ceramic tile, and custom glass tile assemblies designed and made by me. Will post pics when things start happening. Sure hope it is sometime in the next year....

Dayle Ann

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In my tiny kitchen, there is a radiator under the window, and a shelving unit on the wall above the teensy little sink (I think this is what jennag means by a dishrack). I've linked to a photo of it. The window is immediately to the right of the sink - you can see a little bit of the wooden frame and green topper in the photo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen sink and plate rack

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I really love those shelves above that sink..I have 2 cabinets above mine, but maybe i could just put smaller ones. All the ideas here have been really helpful. Thanks for responding with some great stuff!

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Julie, I didn't have a window above my sink, either. Right behind the kitchen sink is our office but it had been my sons bedroom for almost 17 years before that. I LONGED for a kitchen window. My kitchen is smack dab in the middle of my house and is a major walkway from front door to back door. Anyway, he got married 9 years ago and I cut a hole in the
Before the hole I had a mirror above the sink (actually part of a medicine cabinet) which helped bring in light from the LR window which faces west but has a large covered porch on that side so it was just bright light but no sun. I liked the mirror better than anything until opening up the wall, of course.
Here is a couple of pictures of what it looks like now.

Again, our office is in my sons old room and is directly behind the kitchen so you can see the red office curtains coming through the "faux" kitchen window. It was a workable solution for me and I can see out to the backyard through my little window and see my flowers blooming in a corner out there. It makes me happy now!!!

Marilyn in NM

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Oh, that's just the sort of thing I am going to do! It's perfect-- snagged the photos for my idea file. Thanks so much, Marilyn.

Cecilia, I just love your sink unit-- I'd love to have something like that in my kitchen. I might have to do some scouting.

I think the dish rack someone mentioned is an old Shaker idea: slots where you can put dishes over the sink as you wash to drain, and then store them there. At least that is what I think of. I really like those too, and may be able to have both window and rack to one side.

Dayle Ann

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