mom2emallMarch 10, 2009

This weekend me, dh, and the kids are going to Chicago to visit some friends. Anyone have any ideas on any cool family stuff to see/do there on a low budget? We are already checking out one of the two Irish Parades this weekend and plan on eating at Ed Debevics. We have been to Chicago to visit these friends many times so we have seen many sights there.

In the past we have seen the Sears Tower, Hancock Building, Water Tower Place, Rainforest Cafe, Rock N Roll McDonalds, Navy Pier, Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum, Alder Planatarium, Michigan Ave Shops, walked on the path by the lake, and been to Chinatown.

Just looking for some different stuff to do.

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How about Oprah? Lol kids and hubby probably would not like it, but you could go. Oh and what about the miracle mile?

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Shedd Aquarium is fun. If you have girls in the mix, the American Girl store, even if you aren't buying dolls, it's a neat place to see/visit.

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We went not last summer, but the summer before--the kids were 5.

We went to the Shedd Aquarium and loved it. My DD LOVED American Girl, too.

Let's see...Navy Pier is cool, very touristy, but cool and the kids liked it. We took a boat ride on Lake Michigan--on some yellow speed boat that is supposed to be the fastest in the country or some other random fact. It was AWFUL. This was in July and the lake was still freezing and we sat in the last row and got absolutely SOAKED. They did NOT warn us about this before. The kids CRIED the whole time---literally, we were all drenched and miserable and the d*mn ride was 30 mins long! So--BEWARE of the yellow speed boat at Navy Pier!

The ferris wheel is cool--I didn't go nor did DD, but SS and DH did, and they loved it. (I am afraid of heights!)

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Have you tried Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze on Navy Pier? It's a lot of fun for multiple ages (including adults), and it's not that expensive. I think tickets are around $10.

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chicago is the closest major city to us so we have been a lot.

science museum and aquarium was fun, my DD loved it! it was pretty much a day long event. especially science museum. DD also loves art museums, so we did those too, but it is rather unusual for children of any age to love art museums but you can try.

certain days and times museums are free, check that, i do not remember which days.

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You ll never get into Oprah, tickets reserved well in advance...DO NOT take children to South Side Parade, downtown parade fine tho, choose that one...Musuem of Science and Industry, if you didnt have time last time, Colleen Moores Dollhouse, Submarine, and Coalmine exhibits...Hyde Park neighborhood, President Obamas neighborhood.Eat at his favorite restaurant Dixie Kitchen, very reasonable and child friendly. Mystic Blue Cruise(departs Navy Pier)lunch or dinner, (all inside and heated) Have fun...

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Thanks all for your ideas. We are in chicago now :) Today we are going to go to the Museum of Science and Industry because that is always a fave of our kids.

Tonight we are having an adults girls night out! YEA! Hubbys are staying in with the kids and me and my girlfriend are going to dinner and having some drinks.

We are going to the downtown parade tomorrow and seeing them die the river green! And Sunday we are going to check out the shops on Michigan Ave (Magnificent Mile) and even go to Water Tower Place to the American Girl Store. My younger sd has one of those dolls and has never been in the store!

Im so excited!

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Oh i wish i was on vacation! Have fun!!
oh yah,,,,did anyone hear this on the radio...i heard no more Sears tower in Chicago...Are they closing it down? Has anyone heard anything.?

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Maria, They are leaving Sears Tower where it is LOL , just changed the name to Willis Building..They are the largest tenants, so they get naming rights....

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We are back from our trip and I feel like I need a vacation!! So much running around in just a few days and now I am exhausted! But it was lots of fun and the kids had a wonderful time. Chicago is such a fun place with lots to do! Can't wait to go back this summer for a few days and walk around the lakefront and do some outdoor stuff.

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