Minimum depth for screened porch

ruthmiamibeachAugust 27, 2007

We are building a tiny 2-person cottage in the woods; living room will have a screened porch off the back. It will be 15' long and I am wondering how narrow is too narrow... am currently planning only a 6-foot depth. We will only have a couple of rocking chairs and bistro table w/chairs out there.

Anyone out there with a narrow screened porch who can tell me what feels Good versus what feels Cramped? Thanks so much!

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For me 6' is too narrow. We had a 6' deck and added 8' more to it. The cost isn't that much more and you'll love your outdoor room. Trust me, I'm so glad we made it wider.

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6x15 will probably feel a bit like a coffin :) at least that's my feeling in long, narrow spaces. I'd go a bit wider if you can -- even 8' will feel better although I'd probably go 10'. It's cheaper and easier to do it now than later! Have fun building and enjoying your new place!

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Our porch is 6 x 15, and it's not coffin-like at all! I might have liked another foot deeper, but it works for us. We have 2 chairs and a love seat, a coffee table and side table. Lots of houseplants summer on the porch. Great spot to watch the birds at the feeder. (If I could only figure out how to post a picture, I would!) Small house, couldn't acccommodate a larger porch, but we enjoy it. I love the fact that the mosquitos can't get me!


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Our old house had a 4' deep porch, and we used to sit sideways. Personally, in parts of the country that have good 'porch weather', the bigger the better.

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I'd suggest you go deeper also - at least to 8 feet. With 15 feet in length, you will be able to have a sitting area and room for a small table and chairs for eating, laptop/desk work, hobby/crafts, etc. without feeling cramped.

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We have a screened in porch that is 10x10 and can fit 6 adults nicely...

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Space Style

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I'd recommend 8-10 feet to be comfortable.

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On my big house I have a screen porch that is 7'wide by about 15'. For the 2 of us, or even with a 3d, it is fine. We have a small table against one long wall with 3 chairs, a double glider thing with end table between the seats (great for reading)at one end of the porch and I usually have a small 3drawer chest for garden stuff at the other end.

I think it depends on how you expect to use the space. If you plan to entertain groups of people frequently, you would want something bigger. If it's just 2-3 people relaxing or having breakfast-you should be ok with 8x15. I do think you'll like 8 ft better than 6.

A screen porch is one of the nicest "extras" you can add to a house ,imho. Lot's of pleasure for relatively few bucks.

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I agree with everyone else ... I had a deck built on the back of my house ... I had the measurerments so small ( trying to be frugal ) My BIL looked at the plans and said -it looks good on paper - but when it's built - you'll be sorry you made it that small. He was right. He made it bigger & I'm happy he did . Things on paper sure look different in real life.

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Thanks everyone, your comments have been so helpful. We'll definitely go to 8 feet. It's truly a 2-person house with no entertaining, but we hope to have a lot of morning coffees and evening glasses of wine out there!


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