I need your help with this...

paintingfoolMay 8, 2009

I am almost finished with this painting but I am stuck on what to do with the top. I need your ideas - should I just paint Welcome, or maybe Home Sweet Home,or what? I purchased this wood at Joann's Fabric but it was a little bigger than I wanted but I thought I could put something at the top. Now that I am looking at it I should have painted it horizontally, it would have looked better. Oh, well, too late now. So, tell me what you suggest.


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I showed this to my DH since I always go to him for this type of suggestions on my own projects. He says Home Sweet Home stacked one on top of the other at the top.

I had thought Home Sweet Home also, but was thinking in a curve at the top and didn't think it would fit, so I have to agree with him.

It is just so beautiful, love how you have the scene inside the ring of flowers like that. And of course, I love the pastels shades of it all. Be sure to show us the finished product however you decide to do it, okay?


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This is what I really like, a scene inside something. Wonderful job painting this spring looking scene. Love the pink in the clouds and water. Home Sweet Home, Memories Made Here, Love Lives Here, There's No Place Like Home, Faith, Family, Friends, Family Is Everything, Welcome To Our Home, Welcome or a pretty bow painted that comes down the sides a little could work if you didn't want to paint lettering. I'll stop here and can't wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks as always for sharing with us. Punk

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