Kitchen layout help request- new construction.

KimbunnyMay 21, 2013

Hi! I've been doing loads of reading here as we've been planning our new home build. I have a rough layout that I was hoping to get some feedback on- feedback of any kind! We're a family of 6, children are 6-12, and we have lots and lots of company. I homeschool, so I'm home all day, and I cook 2-3 meals a day. The lot we're building on is narrow, so the kitchen is about as wide as it can get. I'm really short, so upper cabs are of little use to me. I'd like to carve out a little space for a second sink (mostly for drinks) but I can't see anywhere for it. The cabinets next to the fridge are 1' deep full height. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Not sure why no one has gotten to you, might be they want more info- there is a sticky - someone will point you to the one they like. I just made some assumptions based on your post. While I'm not a big fan of bar sinks worked out a way to get one-I prefer prep sinks and would consider getting one in the island, could then double as a bar sink.

Put a few notes on the plan. You may benefit from moving that bank of windows about an inch or so to the right BUT that needs to cleared with the architect. Fenestration (windows) should relate to the exterior façade.

Assumed insets because of the 13 wall cabinets but I know it could be something else. To properly design a kitchen we have to know if inset, overlay, framed, frameless.

With a new build I suggest you either make yourself a pest here, with the architect, or find a KD you like who-you like/trust, has cabinets that suit your budget and will work on new construction.

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Read the "new to kitchens..." thread posted by buehl. It floats around on page 1 or 2. Read that one NOT the sticky note. The links are all broken in the sticky, not in the floater.

One thing is we need to see more of your plan to see how the kitchen relates to the other rooms.

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