vintage magnetic board

luthienMay 14, 2009

just want to share my latest work ... which i completed at 5 am last night :) you can see that when i'm into it... i dun sleep!

it's a vintage (looking) magnetic board. this is another artist palette, a smaller one measuring about 12"x 8". i glued a piece of metal sheet on it to make it magnetic, and proceeded to paint the base with olive acrylic (i did seal the metal first with a coat of sealer). the decoupaged vintage images come from a license free source and the music score is a reprint from a 19th century hymn and a bit of tchaikovsky... mix :) the roses on the left are handpainted (my 'dirty roses' :)) ). the piece is finally aged with brown acrylic and i added some gold as well... just really like the look of 'old and gold' :)) i also made 4 magnets out of mosaics to go with this.

i had some problems posting at the gallery the last time... so i'm posting back here :)

hope you enjoyed this :) it's actually a custom request from someone who saw my first ever vintage magnetic board from way back... she liked that one so she asked if i could make a similar one for her :) i'm sending it off tomorrow :) i really liked this one tho... maybe it's because i haven't done a lot of 'vintage' lately. think i'm gonna start again with my 'dirty roses' :))

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog ... if you want to read more :))

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I really love this one! Looks so Victorian and very romantic with your roses and the two pictures and music. You are a multi talented artist Luthien. Great work!

P.S. I've heard that there is a magnetic paint, but I've not looked for it yet. Probably wouldn't work as well as actual metal. I have tried the spray on chalkboard paint a couple of times now--both on metal and on wood--and it works great! Thought I'd mention it in case it might intrigue you. ;o)

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hello luvs :))
thank you thank you!! :)) *sigh*... yea... it's been a long time since i made romantic looking things :) i loved it...

i've actually tried magnetic spray paint before using metal sheet. really not good at all ... 10 coats i sprayed ... doesn't even hold 1 piece of paper! i was quite annoyed actually... it was an expensive can of spray. i haven't tried chalkboard though... i must try making one, one of these days... i spied a can of chalkboard spray at the art shop the other day. :))

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I LOVE this piece. I love collage but have never "mastered" that technique...I never seem to know where to put things and when to stop. I have to ask what "dirty roses" are. Whatever they are they are beautiful...I wish I could paint roses like those. Great job and thanks for sharing :)

Happy Painting

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hello diane :)
thank you for the sweet comment! i know what you mean about not knowing where to put things... i've messed up plenty of collages, and they are lying around in my craft area just staring at me... and i'm thinking how to safe them!! 'dirty roses' are my evolved one-stroke roses (but i must agree with the ladies here about them not being strictly one-stroke anymore) ... and these roses that i paint, i usually end up staining them on purpose to make them a little messy (just a preference)... hence 'dirty roses'... :)

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I love victorian , roses are a favorite of mine. This is beautiful!!!

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I love this one too. I have never done collage but I like the way it looks. You did a great job. And I love it when someone takes a style of painting and puts their own personality in it like you did with your roses. I take classes from a lot of teachers and they all have something unique to offer - I then take what I learn and make it mine. I think that is what makes the ladies on this forum so unique.

Now, more pics yall.

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thank you paintgirl and B :))

yea! more pics yall!!

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Luthien, what a wonderful mix of mediums. The music and the lovers with the roses, all combined to make a great decorative piece.


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Well it looks like you've out done yourself on this one. It's beautiful! So happy to have you here sharing so much with us lately. Punk

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That's awesome!

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thank you belle, punk and kraftymom :)) i've always loved vintage :)) i'm a closet romantic lol!!

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