New desk for studio?????

paintingfoolMay 1, 2010

OK, I am undecided. I really like my very feminine off white desk with the cabriole legs and the chair that goes with it. It is the same size as my old desk but has less drawers. I am thinking about putting it in my studio to paint on (I do have a piece of glass for the top.) Since I am purging I might be able to do without the extra drawers. Would it make me feel better painting at a pretty desk or will I be too concerned about getting paint on it? What about the chair? I love the sage green chair but the old black leather can be wiped clean, although as you can see, I haven't cleaned it lately. My grandchildren sit in this chair when they paint - but I am setting up another desk and chair for them so that won't be a problem.

I need your advice - and it may all come down to whether I can get it in the room or not. I don't think the legs come off but I will have to check on that.

I got rid of most of the material. The girl next door is very crafty and was so excited. Next I am giving her paint.

I am still working at cleaning and purging but haven't been able to do much this week as I have been taking care of my grand daughters (their mom is really ill with a stomach virus). I should be attending a painting chapter meeting this morning but may skip it - when I get started on a project I don't like to stop or I may not get back to it for a while.

Waiting for your suggestions.....


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I'd definitely be tempted to put the white desk and pretty chair in the room, but YIKES!! Wouldn't want that pretty chair to get ruined either. I must not be doing something right because I've never gotten paint on my desk or my chair except for a few tiny sprinkles. ha But then I'm the only one who's painting. I told my 5 yr old that I'd set up a table outside when it warms up for her to paint on. That way any disasters can be cleaned up easier. I'd also have to take into consideration which chair is more comfortable since I spend a good deal of time in mine and have even been known to curl up in it for a nap from time to time. ha I have one like your black leather one.
Good luck deciding. Isn't that half the fun? And congrats on the purge. Sounds like it's coming along nicely! ~Anj

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Thanks, Anj. I am not a messy painter either. But I have been letting the kids sit in my chair and paint at my table and they just don't have the knack of keeping the paint where it belongs. That is why I am setting up a desk for them but had to purge first to make room. I may just paint the old brown desk if I decide to keep it and may turn it around sideways. This may take months and I may regret ever starting since it seems like a lot of work! But it is the one project I decided I need to finish. If I should leave this earth rather quickly, I would hate for the kids to walk in my painting room and gasp "OMG - what are we going to do with all this stuff!!!" They just don't understand that I spent a lot of money on this stuff and there is value in all those books. Oh, well, it is a running joke in our family that most children want to be put in the will - mine are afraid if I put them in the will I will leave all this "stuff" to them! That is what I threaten them with when they make me angry - LOL.

Still working,

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Bebe, just my two cents here. While the new desk and chair are gorgeous, changing will throw off your whole "game" because the old one and where you store each item is so "familiar" after all these years. It will take quite some time for it to "feel right".

You have a huge room, maybe you could have both in there. The old one for painting, and the new one for your computer or fabric/paper crafts.

I think you must have been reading that book "where women create" or looking at blogs with craft rooms and now think your room needs a face lift. I've seen some of those and drooled too. Some have color schemes and use things like toile fabric. You know the ones I mean. However, I know I am a messy painter because the plexiglass I have on my counter constantly has paint on it, the boxes at the back of the counter all have "speckles" on them and so does the tile floor. I vote for using items that I don't have to worry too much about so I can just relax and paint.

You could always paint your current desk and even make a cover for your chair if you really want to spruce them up--but I sure wouldn't want to change for something different after all these years of using them and being so comfortable with where each item is on or in them.

You are so fortunate to have a nice big room and lots of storage cabinets. I'd settle for doing some purging, reorganizing, and maybe some new curtains or artwork--but sure wouldn't change out the parts I'm most comfortable with.

Whew! You probably didn't really want to hear all that! and the bottom line is that you need to do what will make you happy! ;o)


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I would put the white desk in your craft room. What a shame to not use such a pretty piece of furniture. With you having the glass for the top it should be fine and look beautiful. If it gets some paint on it, just touch up and it will look new again.


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I like your desks, both have potential. To me it would come back to which has more room, and more surface than storage. The dark desk as pull out tables, extra space...nice. My first painting desk was an old metal army desk with slide out tables and I miss them. I mentioned to DH that I wish I had a table near my painting table, he said something like, "they don't make a table that long."

Looking at the darker desk, I can see it sanded down, primed and painted a soft, creamy color or maybe a soft gray, or something complimentary to your cabinets.
And, as I am shorter, I always think about height. Me, I would think about lowering the desk as every office desk I have ever had is just a might tall for me, which means I need a foot stool. But you have been using the desk, the height must not be an issue. It also looks like the darker desk has a larger opening for your legs which would allow for greater movement.

Gee, I think I like the old desk better, glad this decision is yours not mine.


PS...several days later, how do you feel about giving away your excess material?

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