Strawberry Sachets pictures.

paintingfoolMay 6, 2010

I haven't been able to work in my "studio" this week. I have been busy making strawberry sachets for my nephew's daughter's wedding in June. She loves the color red and it will be the color in her wedding. My sister asked if I would make the favors for the bridal shower - something I have done for all of my neices and nephew and now their children. I saw much fancier ones on the internet but I thought these were more appropriate for the younger girls. Anyway, I made 46. The strawberries had to be stuffed and gathered by hand, the lace had to be gathered by hand and the ribbon was the easiest of all. I only got burned once on the top of my thigh with hot glue. I had forgotten to put a towel across my lap. These are so easy to make but time consuming when you are doing multiples. If anyone wants instructions, let me know. I didn't use lavender (couldn't find any) so I used Q tips cut in half and dipped in oil of essence - lavender vanilla. They are stuffed down in the middle of the polyfill.

My grand daughter, Mackenzie (9 yrs), wanted to make something also. She came up with the bridal bear. We had fun putting it together with all the little things you can find in those plastic containers in my studio. Note - pearl earrings and bracelet, blush on the cheeks, highlights in the eyes, the little wood heart with the bride and groom's name and wedding date - and the garter, of course. She is not allowed to touch the glue gun but she gathered the lace and pulled out things to put on the bear.

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My goodness! You have been busy! Love the strawberries with the added lace on them. I have a pattern for some saved but have never gotten around to making them. Always thought they would look cute in a pretty pedestal dish--with the addition of the lace like you made them, they really would look great.

The bear turned out so darling. Tell Mackenzie she choose just the perfect items for her bear. I'm sure this will be a treasured keepsake of the bride's.

Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us.


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Your strawberries are so yummy and you are so talented! And I like your use of the fragrance, anything with Vanilla is super.

Mackzenzie's bear is so precious! And it is great that she has a GM who is passing on her love of crafts. Some of my fondest memories is sitting with my GM as she patiently showed my how to crochet and knit.

Thank you for sharing,


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Cute projects. Love the little bear all decorated.


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