Happy Memorial Day!!

paintingfoolMay 23, 2009

I see we haven't had any posts lately, I sure miss it when there aren't any new projects so I thought I would put one in that I did last summer. The first is a Snowey Egret - as usual it is not finished, I should have some moss hanging from the branches but I haven't done that yet (I painted this last August). The second is one I did ages ago, it is watercolor. I haven't ever hung it so I think I will today. The third is one I really don't like, it is done in acrylic with the "canvas gel" you can purchase. It is suppose to make the acrylic move like oil. I never tried that again. It probably needs more done to it but I don't know that I will ever try to finish it. Probably just give it to someone in the family.

Now, I have resorted to pulling out the old stuff so let's start posting more pics.


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Good morning B and everyone. It has been rather slow on the forum for a few days. Maybe due to the holiday weekend??

I love all the projects you have shared with us today. The Snowey Egret is stunning. I like the still life very much, I have never done watercolor...I think I must try that some time. I really do like the third one. I am not familiar with "canvas gel" but I do like the painting and the subject...even though I am in NO way wishing for winter. I love the scenes don't like it in real life. Great job on all of them.

I have sooooo many UFO's laying around my house. I have several from our painting class...as I said before I paint very slow so I am always way behind everyone else most of the time...it can be frustrating. I have two unfinished pieces propped up in my painting/crafting room that need only a few little things done to finish them (windows, chimineys, stars, etc)and I really want to get them done...I have another one that I really have more than a little but not too much to finish and I really don't care if it gets done or not (it's a cutesy Halloween one) and I have one that needs a LOT to finish (I was sick one week and really missed a lot on that one). It is two Loons on a stretched canvas that is no where near being completed but when it is finished and framed it looks like a window...I really don't care about finishing that one either...I love the look...don't really like the subject.

Thanks for sharing some projects with us today. I painted some ornaments (3 the same) the other day and I may have a couple more older projects I can take pictures of and share later. I hope others will share what they are doing or have done too. I love looking :)

Have a great holiday everyone.

Happy Painting,


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Thanks Diane. I am cleaning my painting room and babysitting the twins (they are 9 years old and don't want to leave when then get here, but I really don't mind, cleaning can always wait). I babysat my 3 year old GD this week so I didn't get much done. I found these paintings as I was cleaning and I am determined to finish all the paintings that have been waiting around.

Canvas gel is made by Americana DecoArt and it keeps the canvas damp as you move your acrylics across. It was just not a scene I liked much. I must have done the watercolor about 15 years ago and I like it even though it is very simple.

Will look for more later. I was starting to take pictures of the books and the battery went dead so I am off to buy some more.

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Glad you are posting things for us Bebe. I probably won't have anything I can post pics of for the next month since we are in the motor home visiting family in Missouri.

I think you have done a beautiful job on all of these, but especially think your egret is gorgeous. You do feathers and beards so well.

I'm glad you are enjoying the gkids and getting your painting room in order again. Doesn't it feel good to get some of the unfinished projects completed? And even the ones you don't especially like will be considered treasures by your family and friends. ;o)


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Good Morning,

B, your pictures are so wonderful and thanks for sharing. I love to look at all your details you put in your paintings.

Diane it's great to have you here posting with us. And I see Luvs was able to join us for a post. I always enjoy seeing pictures posted when I come here. Just haven't had time to paint lately. I'll post a few from the past for something for all of you to look at. We are heading back to the cabin so have to hurry and get going. Punk

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Bebe...Thanks for the Memorial Day good wishes and I'll send some back to you and everyone as well. Hope you all have beautiful weather and lots of good food to eat.

We should have you clean out your stash more often! Love seeing all your projects. My DH is from Louisiana and I have always loved seeing the egrets out in the water....especially when they are among the cypress knees. I'm not a fan of snow as you well know, but I do love your picture and the watercolor is very nice too. Thanks for taking pics for us of all the things you had stored. They are all new to us! =) ~Anj

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