BIG family furniture

SunshineAugust 13, 2006

What are you doing with the "big" inherited furniture? I know the farm house this stuff came from-and-the house was just a few well taken care of pieces. The turn of the century silver chest just doesn't fit on any wall in my little house. It did just fine in my old 4 bedroom house with the formal dining room and living room. I have given a few pieces away to family members that are ready for real furniture. I just can't cut a hole in the back of a piece of furniture that was my grandfathers pride and joy and is about 200 years old besides with flat screen you don't do that anymore. What to do?

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Sorry Sunshine, but I was never fortunite enough to inheirate any big furniture. I did however get ( before she passed away)an old singer sewing machine and a knick knack shelve from my mother. Those were given to my daughters about 15 years ago to be used. And when my brother passed away 10 years ago, we were all told to take a momento. I took the coffee mug I always used when I went to his home for coffee. That holds a very special place in my heart and in my curio cabinet. I believe inheirated things are treasered for the joy and memories we get from them, not for the value placed on them someday after we are gone. So if you want to cut a hole in a cabinet ( yes, I heard a gasp) or give it to some other family member, it's yours to deside.


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I have come to the conclusion that if the kids don't want something which can't be used or has been stored far too probably needs another home. What I cherish is not always another's cherished love. Sold and given away numererous items which were tough to let go of, but decided if they could be loved again by someone else then the letting go was of value.

With that said..... I couldn't let go of the piece of furniture you have described or cut a hole in it. Could you consider recessing this in a wall somewhere? Make an opening just for the piece. Even 4" inches makes a differece. Not knowing what your home is like or a more detailed description of the piece, tis difficult to know how/where it is being used. I'm assuming you were thinking of a TV in it and that it is a dining room display cabinet.

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