Have to share about our trip

lovehadleyMarch 31, 2010

DH did not go on vacation with us and I DID take SS out of the country by myself! :)

I was SHOCKED that BM agreed to it. Initially, she said no, but SS really stood his ground and insisted to her that he WANTED to go on the vacation. She relented, and that was when I asked you all about traveling internationally with stepchild, documents, etc.

We printed out that form KKNY found and it worked beautifully. Honestly, the only person who ever asked to see it was the US Airways rep! Immigration never asked, not entering the Carribbean island, or returning to the US.

Anyway, SS had a GREAT time. It was SO NICE for me to spend a week with him without DH. I know that sounds weird, but SS related to me so much differently than he does at home. He was sweet and very well-behaved and treated me like a parent in a way he never has before. I think it was overall just a really good bonding experience for him and I, plus it was great for him to spend time with my mom, and my grandparents and extended family. He really likes them.

Both DD and SS had a great trip and I am so glad it all worked out!

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Fan freaking tastic. Like I said, no one checks, but better safe than sorry.

And once kids get away from their parents they are free to be their own person, with their own relationships, without feeling like they are betraying their parents or choosing sides. What a nice bonding experience for you both. Glad it worked out for you!!!!!!!!

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Congrats lovehadley. Sounds like a great experience for you both and an important bonding event.

Very pleased for you both.

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I love hearing the GOOD news!

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I read that and said awwww how sweet! Sounds like a great trip. I know my SS is different and better behaved around my DH and I than he is back at his home with BM. And over at my nephews house they are insane and lil' stinkers but at school and other places you would never guess it because they are so sweet and well mannered. That is how my sister and I both were as well, but we were taught to respect our elders and not to act up in public. At home we got to let loose and my poor parents had to deal with all the pent up energy!

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I wanted to say that's the best news I've heard all day, but I'm still in shock that BM let him go!

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We have this travel phone called a Magic Jack, it works through the internet. Very cool and it enabled SS to be able to phone his mom in the AM and PM, like she asked.

The funny thing was, he NEVER wanted to call her. He'd groan and complain everytime I said "hey, buddy, it's the morning, let's have you call your mom before breakfast" or "here, call your mom to say goodnight."

I talked to DH every night and SS would want to talk to his dad, but not his mom. I relly think her overbearing nature is backfiring on her. I know she loves SS but she is SO smothering and he is really starting to reject that.

He told me on the trip that he doesn't like calling his mom because she talks too much and she worries too much. I told him it is a mom's job to worry, and he said "I know but she embarrasses me!"

EEEK. I didn't know what to say to that.

It is interesting. I think some of it is a gender thing. SS is REALLY starting to identify more with DH. When he flew back home, he stayed with DH for one night and then spent the rest of break (7 days) with BM. DH said SS threw a big fit when he had to go back to BM's because he wanted to stay with his dad! :(

It doesn't help that 3 nights after being back with BM, SS called DH and was hysterically crying. DH asked to speak to BM and she said she and her DH had had a HUGE fight in front of the kids, SS was upset and she said she was leaving her husband. UGHHHHH. WHY in front of the kids????

And of course---BM has a 2 yr old with her SS, and is 33 weeks preggo, we all know she is not leaving!

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Wanted to share a pic from our trip:


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Oops, that didn't work.

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I envy you...LOL I want to be there!

Great news that both SS and DD enjoyed it.

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Very cool!!!!! I'm so happy for you! And a little envious, too....

My SD is like that. She acts way different with DH than she does with me. With me, she wants to be independent and smart and funny. But with DH, she wants to be babied. I have told DH for years that my relationship with her is better-off if he stays out of it. Most of that changed when she moved, but she & I do get along better when DH isn't around.

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