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emagineerAugust 16, 2006

While reading GardenWeb yesterday I found a posting that showed an old building which the poster said was an old servant's quarters and her plans were to change it into a shed. It was really tiny, I was completly entranced with it, and beyond curious as to what changes she would be making in the future. Would "love" to have a place/shed like hers, even in it's current condition.

Was positive this find was in Smaller this point I have searched everything....on Garden Web, including my history files, and cannot find the post.

Do any of you know of this post? She had a number of pics, inside and out. It had a toilet/sink inside and although she said it was in terrible condition, I could only see wonderful possibilities.

Also, I was amazed at the sheds posted on GardenWeb....some were bigger than our smaller homes. And some had great ideas that could actually work for our small spaces.

Am also curious about other forums the Smaller Home group visits in Gardenweb, or the net, and have been useful to our lifestyle. Can we post links which would be of interest to this group?

Thanks for any help.

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Was it mine?
I'm planning on attaching a greenhouse to what is left of our servents quarters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Servents Quarters/Greenhouse Project

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It was indeed great you are for posting so quickly. I am so interested in what you will be doing with this wonderful building.

One of reasons this intrigues me is I also built scale models of old/historical buildings. Your's would lend itself to this so easily. I love it in the current state and all the possibilities.

The reason I lost your post was the building also reminded me of one of my favorite artists...Kim Jacobs. Realized that her paintings are also perfect for interior/exterior ideas with our smaller homes. Headed off to search for one of her paintings which has a "shed" similar to yours and some possible ideas relative to your questions. Cannot post any of her paintings due to copyright and there are limited works on the net.

One of her paintings used door/windows for the entire shed. I have always wanted to attempt this concept (real size).

Please continue to let us know how your "shed" evolves. It is a dream in the making.

What does your home look like? There must be a great deal of history connected.


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You can see the rest of our home by clicking through the website we set up for that.
As for the greenhouse, I'm still in the collecting materials stage.
We're getting a load of windows this weekend as a matter of fact.
But, we still have to buy a lot of wood, shingles, bricks for the floor, run electricity and water to the shed and build a foundation.
It's going to be a project over the next couple of years.

Here is a link that might be useful: The rest of our old home.

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Hi emaginerr,
To address the second question: I would love it if people posted link to sites of interest to those with smaller homes.

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Hi Happy...

I actually was looking at the pics of your home and servants quarters yesterday.

You home is so great! I love the servant's quarters as well.

The greehouse idea is great.


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Thanks Lauren.
I'll tell the wife that she has another fan of her decorating.
We really lucked into finding the house of our dreams on the first go around.
We don't ever plan on moving.

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I too have to say I LOVED your house pics. Your wife has done a great job of decorating and your building expertise is noticeable too!
Keep up the great work!!!
Marilyn in NM

Here is a link that might be useful: My house

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Emagineer, I found this thread begun by you, and thought it deserved to come forward into current discussion. I wonder if the lady has redone her servant quarters/shed yet?

I think with our smaller homes, having a spot to escape from the every day world is a big plus. Fair weather or foul.

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Just wanted to add that the poster "happycthulhu" is "schag" at oldhouseweb forums and is a forum admin. The link below will take you to this similar thread. If you register for an account, you can probably try to contact schag directly to ask.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread is called - Ooooo, Google Sketchup is so cool.

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