Cute laundry room murals

oceannaMay 8, 2008

If you'd like to see some cute laundry room murals, check out this thread and scroll down. Fun, huh? You can make a comment on that thread if you like. It needs boosted back to page 1 anyway - lol! :)

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Love those laundry rooms, and the murals that lady painted are great.

I seem to remember that you had bought a new house and were planning to redecorate the laundry room. Are you just removing wallpaper and painting? Or do you have some decorative painting ideas in mind for it?

You've already seen mine in my post about storing paints. I have several of my painted items in there, but didn't do any painting on the walls--there's not much wallspace with the cabinets on both sides.


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Hi Luvs,

I've been in this house for a while and the laundry is one of those things that's on my mind to get to... but it's not top of the list, you know? Mine is pictured in that thread, btw... but that was before a ton of boxes got piled on top of the counter. Bad me!

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I don't even have a laundry room per se. My w/d units are in a downstairs bathroom and my downstairs is currently housing my parents. :) One day I'll have an actual laundry room I hope. It will be part of our build-on......whenever that actually happens. Very cute pics though. TFS Oceana...did you ever come up with a way to hide your hot water heater? ~Anj

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