Some Will Remember 'Five O'clock Somewhere'

texaswildFebruary 14, 2009

Some of you may remember how ill-received my gift to my sister was when she sent me the shards of a broken plate, and how excited I was to make something that I THOUGHT she would be thrilled to get. Ha! Those were the days when I was so excited about learning this art that I thought EVERYONE w/LOVE my work. N.O.T.!!! She told me while visiting last month that she thought it was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. I have been asking for it back ever since she told me she didn't know what to do with it when she received it. FINALLY my lovely piece of wacky art is back home where it's appreciated. Received it via UPS last night. Talk about glad to receive an insult. Yeah, the beads are a gaudy touch, but I even buy my clothes at a botuque named "Dressin' Gaudy". Oh, BTW - the knothole on her left side is my rendition of a tattoo. I mosaiced around it. The name of the piece was because years ago when she was visiting me, I deigned to have a drink b/f five. Told her it was five somewhere in the world. The watch face on her right shoulder is set for 5:00.

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Slow, I think she is amazing!!!!! Very clever nd creative. Obviously your sis doesn't know art..oh well, too bad for her, good for you!!! I love it!!!!!!!! It is too cool!!!!!!!!!!! Cathy

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Woo hoo 5 o'clock is back home where she belongs. Glad you got it back.

Next time go to a nice sedate store and buy your sister something "safe"

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Slow, I have a sister the same way... two other sisters totally appreciate my art though. The one who doesn't appreciate it thinks I'm silly and wasting time gluing stuff! She thinks I need to always have the paint brush in my hand, that I am wasting painting time....oh well, I enjoy life and love mosaicing. And, I love your piece, it is amazing!!!!

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Good for you for getting it back!! I have my toilet roll tower and mexican themed cross that DD doesn't want...

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you know...some people just plain and simple, don't get it!
none of my 3 daughters like much of what I do...
that doesn't just go for any art work I do..
they either roll their eyes, or ask why they didn't get a normal mom, or shake their head...
the lines are there, because I had about 3 paragraphs, on a rant..but I deleted it
you just have to know that it's a blessing to be of a certain mindset and right brained mentality.
take one of the tests and I bet you 1,000 to 1, that the results will show you to be right brained..

anyone challenge this?
google "right brained, left brained"
there's a test and will show you.

I've gotta sign out here...I could go on a tangent and get myself in a pile of dog poop...

Slow...your work is original in the very best of ways.
it's raw, from the heart, warm, inviting, sooo different and soooo much appreciated here, where we do appreciate your work, thought process and the vibes from your ideas.
piss on your sister!

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Jeeze Louise~ain't that a kick in the pants.
I'll bet that 5 o'clock is happy to be home w/her Ma where she is loved and appreciated & where we can gaze at her beauty once again too.

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LOLOLOLOLOL. I KNEW I'd get some comfort here. In fact I TOLD her so, that I have enough people who support and appreciate my efforts that I'm quite happy, and that satisfied w/the ones who love me. Thanks, y'all. You know - I looked at the picture after I posted it, and saw a whole 'nuther view. The mirror in her tummy almost looks like a giant mouth - yelling the words "five o'c....... Y'all make me laugh, especially you, STRAWBERRY! LOL. Gonna go take that test as soon as I get off the forum. Oh, BTW - CALAM - I LOVE both those pieces. Doesn't it feel good to have your stuff back? This is why I don't REALLY like selling - I like it too much. Happy w/my work - tra la la.

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Ah know the can pick your friends but not your relatives...JOKING! She just doesn't get it...but good for you...but I'd be dang if I ever made her anything again.... :) a nice card will do!!

And Calamity..I love your cross and toilet roll and Slow both have my land address!!!!!

I've got a long story for you some day about a purse I made for my mother......will have to share it later.....

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Thank goodness she's home where she is loved. I think she is simply fabulous

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I have a short story to tell, about a crocheted afghan I made for my mom...
it was my very first crochet large project..
I had to teach myself to crochet cuz it's hard for a right handed person to teach left
a mirror didn't help, either.
the darned hook fell out of my hand a lot of times, before I connected with it..
well, it was/is still, an autumn colored thing,
browns, rust, cream, greens and a verigated with the same colors..
it took me a long time to that time I had only 3 kids and one was a toddler.
so, I gave it to her and she thought it was really nice..
nice as a novice could put out (she didn't say that, but I felt

next time I went to visit...there it was, all tucked into the couch.............for the dogs to sleep on.

years later now, she's had a stroke, in a rehab place, she can't remember, can't hardly respond, can't do a thing for herself...sits in a wheel chair all day, except for physical therapy and I had that opportunity to gather those things from her house, remember that painted bathroom sink?
I finally have it here, ready to be installed in my bathroom..and that afghan? I found it in the back bedroom, still intact, still no holes, or tears, or any damage...
I brought it home, washed it about 3 times, put a bit of fabric softener in it and folded it up and have it in a corner here...
I have my very first labor of love in my possession...
she 'enjoyed' it, used it and kept it.
now, I have it, so I can enjoy it, use it and keep it..
people are so weird in their ways..
I am for sure, one of them....

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Thank goodness she didn't send it off to a thrift store or something! Some people would rather give it away than give it back. I for one LOVE it!! It is so YOU and your wonderful creative style. So, does the Sis get anything mosaiced anymore, and IS there REALLY a shop called "Dressin Gaudy"?!! Tooooooo funny!

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we have a "Dumster Value" store, downtown Olympia..
prices range from $6 to $8, for select vintage, dated, fun, funky and sometimes irrational clothes..
faux furs are always
I don't have any of those but sure would go there, if I decided to get into making stuffed teddy bears...

and I would suppose there would be housewares, so mosaic trinkets would be, I need to see it it's open on Sundays...I haven't been there for quite some time.

furs could also go well, draped on corners of cushy chairs, or
and yes, I do wear white, after Labor Day...and holiday things, after Christmas...
I don't abide by fasionistas, atall....

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Hope I won't offend anyone here, but this brought up a topic near and dear to my heart. My mother is a craftsperson who always has a project going. Her gifts to me are always these projects. Some of it I like, but mostly it doesn't fit my style, decor, etc. Also, I know that for my mother, the item was not made specifically for me, but rather because it was a project she wanted to do and she had to put it somewhere..."oh, I'll give it to J for her birthday, Christmas", etc. I have been bitten by the mosaic bug and have told her and my brother that I won't be giving anything mosaic to them as a gift unless they specifically ask me to make them something. Sorry, but I thought I'd chime in with the feelings of a giftee. Art is very personal and I think hard to receive as a gift IMHO.

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You are sooooo right JMCK. I told my daughter and granddaughter the same thing after my first gifts to them, that unless they asked, they'd get no more. Fortunately, they just keep on asking, and have said they never get enough. I try not to overload them. Each of my items is made especially for the person, so I personalize them. No offense whatsoever - I agree wholeheartedly. I just didn't realize that my sister w/be so harsh, since she is a very artistic person. I was waaaay to exuberant and excited in my early learning stages, and didn't THINK that she would object to the risque - her words - piece, and made the mistake that EVERYONE would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my work. How foolish I was to be so naive.

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Well I am glad she's back in a loving home!!!! LOL and she is certainly been loved and admired online for a long while too!

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You're such a doll baby, NT.

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I am glad she's home where she can be appreciated. She certainly makes me smile! I think most of us here would have given her a good home!

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RCHOVEY: Yeah, we all have the same disease, don't we? She called last night to see how happy I was to have it back, and said she loves my home and everything in it, but that piece just wasn't for her. Well enough. Welcome Home, "Five....."

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