Need suggestions on finishing my BB

charmoFebruary 12, 2009

Hi guys! I'm almost done my first BB which I glued with Mac Glue and I was going to start grouting it but the gaps in between my tessarae are pretty big. (My next BB will be done with thin set). So because the gaps are so big, would you just go ahead and just grout it or will that look too weird? I also thought of just adding more tessarae of just one colour so as not to change my pattern but if I add tessarae, what colour would you suggest?

Please tell me what I should do and what I should have done?

It just seems to me that pretty much everything I do, ends up with problems...grrr...

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I would def finish covering the whole thing with tesserae, where you have done looks good, good even distances, I don't like anything with more than a 1/8inch between them, 1/4inch max for me, I'd say....

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Thanks, Calamity! How hard is it to be back from you vacation?

Also, if I add tessarae, do you think just one colour as a background would be good? What colour would you think?

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I agree with Calamity. How about a light blue for fill?? I do like this. You did a great job.

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Hey, Definetly do fill in...I think a bright color fill would be cool if it's going in the garden! Looks great!!!

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That's gonna be BEAUTIFUL, bright and cheery after you fill that sucker up w/stuff. Fill every space w/tess.

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You cant grout that with spaces so big. I try to keep all mine around 1/8 inch. If you dont want to change your art just fill in all the spaces with white glass but you need to fill them before splying grout.

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LOVE your dragonfly! So cute!
I'll look forward to see how you finish things up!

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