Another peek--99% finished

heidihausfrauMay 8, 2013

Hi GW folks! It has been crazy busy over here finishing up plus spring sports for the kiddos. I keep meaning to do before and afters, plus lots of different shots, but at night I just collapse in bed!

So here is my favorite shot so far--view from my bar stool to the new gas cooktop! So happy to have gas again! Sorry, not "staged" just finished dinner :)

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What is your backsplash? it looks almost identical to what I chose. I keep meaning to post photos too, but with the reno things are just upside down and I don't have much time to spend uploading photos.

So far it looks fabulous!
Where did you get your black paper towel holder???

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Cathy--my backsplash is travertine--I know lots of GW folks don't like it--but I think it is perfect!! And that paper towel holder is soooo old. I have had that thing forever! Sorry, not much help on that.

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Heidi, that is so handsome! I really like the way everything goes together. And the backsplash does look fabulous.

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Heidi--I think we chose the same backsplash. Was it a claros silver from The Tile Shop?

Here's my brand new backsplash:

Look familiar??? Great minds think alike!

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Yours may be more of a beige color, but I wasn't sure from the photo. I love mine too. It was difficult to find a color to go with my granite and cabinets--this worked the best.

I sealed it with 511 impregnator so hopefully it will hold up. When I tested it by spraying water on it, the water just beaded up!

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It looks fantastic! I'd love to see more - as the owner of truly tiny kitchen, I'm curious how small your U shape is and how that functions. Congratulations on 99%!

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@Cathy--yes, it is from the Tile Shop (here in Michigan, if that matters--they may be a chain)

@smaloney--it has always been u-shaped, just now more functional and much prettier! I like a u-shaped kitchen myself. The kids are always at the peninsula since we took the uppers down and added stools. Works great for us!


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Heidi--sounds like we have similar kitchens! I have a u-shape also. I moved things around to make them more user friendly. I like it so far, although I've had to move things to different areas so I'm still turning to the wrong drawer before I catch myself! I just want to totally move back into my kitchen!

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