bowling balls

anneinva_2009February 15, 2010

i have about 9 bowling balls donated by a bowling alley. i am going to give them to parents at school to make for our auction.

1. any suggestions on what to put them on while working so they dont roll around.

2. do you do one half first, glue and grout. then work on other half once first half is dry?

3. Is thinset a good choice for adhesive? they will go outside



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Hi Anne, you can use a can or I use a towel rolled up. I personnally like to use GEII for my bowling balls. They have faired well outside. Some of our members use thinset and that works well too. When I do mine using GEII the tess sets quick enough so that I can usually work right around the ball. Using a towel cushions the work side. Be sure to take pix of what the parents come up with.


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I've learned the hard way that on round surfaces, I need a sticky glue. If you use a drippy glue, it will take you forever because you can always only work on one small area on the top. So I try to use silicone on them. I've never used the geii that everyone talks about here, but I think that is silicone. If you're unsure, you might want to practice on one first.

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do you fill in the holes with thinset? that is my plan

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I bought a few old wooden salad bowls from the local thrift store. I then place a hand towel on them and place the ball on that. I do have a turntable which the project goes on, but even without the turntable the students would be able to turn the bowl under the ball easily to access all sides.

I also use GEII Silicone. It sets fairly quickly.

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I set mine on a roll of masking tape on one of those plastic turntables. If tiles get to slipping, I'll use a strip of masking tape to hold them in place until the adhesive tries.

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GE Silicone 2 for Windows and Doors,Blue, white and gold tube. I use the small tubes, easier for me to's the best glue in my opinion for the balls.

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OK. Well, I know you'all have answered so many of these questions before, but this seems timely. I did some bowling balls last year... scuffed them up with sandpaper; used thinset to put pieces on; used ssanded grout to grout them. Now both of them have pieces falling off. :* I have two friends coming over next week with BB's and I am afraid to have them use thinset. I see that several of you suggested silicone (which is easier to use anyway)...have any of you had the pieces come off? I just don't want to mess someone else up...I can handle my own failures.

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I did a BB about 2 years ago w/ silicone and its fared very well my granny has it on her patio she loves it and so far so good no missing pieces.

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I have about 5 bbs out in the yard... some have been there for 7 plus yrs. We get a little bit of snow each year and heat in summer up to about 100 deg. and every one of them have held up to the weather...on the other hand, I did try something like thinset on one a few yrs ago, and what do you know... everything fell off of it from the weather. I would not use anything but the ge silicone 2 for windows and doors on a bb... hope this helps.

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I've only done 1 bowling ball, but I made it into a fountain so it's constantly wet. I roughed up the ball and then cleaned it really well with alcohol to get any wax or oils off. I used silicone and didn't even seal the grout. I've had no problems and it's about 3-4 years old now. I've moved from FL to IL so now I do bring it in for the winter.

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There are some grouts that have sealer already in them. I think it says on the label. I did a backsplash last summer for son in Canada and it had it already in. Was nice to not have to seal.

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