Stained Glass in Backsplash? Help!

katrine822February 11, 2009

Hello all,

I've found a slate backsplash that I like - it's a brick pattern with some 2x2 glass tiles interspersed. Problem is that some of the glass tiles really clash with my kitchen. I'd like to replace them and use different colored glass however, the glass tiles are just a smidge under 2x2 - more like 1 3/4x1 3/4. Do the experts here think I could get sheets of stained glass and cut it into the proper sizes and this would work? Or is it too thin? What about sharp edges? ANY help or tips would be appreciated more than you know.


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I will leave this one to the experts.

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Have you tried to go to a tile specialty store, where they sell tiles and mortar? Not like a home depot, but a store that specializes in tiling. Or you could go to a stained glass shop and pick out a color you like and they can cut and grind it to the size you want and then just glue it to the glass tiles.

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The glass is usualy only 1/8 inch. The slate I will asume is thicker then that and the glass you dont like are glass tiles which are much thicker then stained glass. You may be able to just buy some glass tiles in a color you like and cut them down with a ring saw. Or if money is no object anyone with a kiln can make you custom glass tiles in any color or design you want in the 2x2 size.

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